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Teach Sex-Ed in China – 23/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

June 4, 2013

Chances are that you know someone who spent time in China teaching English. This field of work overflows with foreigners. It’s a common ticket to travel in such an exotic country while earning a few Renminbi.

Here’s a fresh idea for making money in China: teach sex-ed to kids. This field is HOT.

China Flag in Map Silhouette IllustrationChinese officials are trying to suppress a public uprising against pedophiles. In the last three weeks, the media has reported nine major cases of CSA, affecting 30 children. Such reports are scandalous in a culture where the topic is usually only spoken in whispers and infrequently prosecuted.

People have taken to the streets and their Internet screens to protest the light-handed treatment of pedophiles.

Among the offenders is a primary school principal and another official who allegedly treated six girls, ages 11-13, to a night of drunken karaoke that climaxed in a hotel room.

The Chinese government allowed media reports of the story, yet they are restricting public response. The parents of the girls are forbidden to hire lawyers.

State media, expressing a strong stance against CSA crimes, pointed to a recent execution of a school teacher who raped six girls, 9 and 10 years old, while videotaping to create kiddie porn.

In honor of Children’s Day, June l, President Xi Jinping tried to reassure his people with firm comments and by wearing a red scarf of the Communist Party’s Young Pioneers.

Two days later, a survey was released that touts 93.1% of parents want the government to include CSA prevention education in the school system. Such classes are basic and too rare. The survey indicates that most parents also need instruction and support.

It was just more posturing and bad news for some people. With a clever yet dark message Ye Haiyan, a 38 year old activist, protested with at sign aimed at the primary school principal: ‘If you want to get a room,’ (a euphemism for having sex), ‘call me and leave the children alone.’

The phrase and news of the arrest sparked a fire storm for hundreds of Chinese men and women, including some judicial system employees. They posted photographs of themselves – some in nude provocative poses – holding banners with the same message. Kudos for these brave people, some of whom are now being “visited” by government goons. Read more here about Ye Haiyan’s dedication, arrest and beating.

There may be a pattern in the government-reported CSA cases. Those most-reported all list six girls being assaulted. Does this have anything to do with the lore of ancient Chinese superstition around numbers? Akin to 40 virgins in some other culture? Let’s not go there. Let’s stay focused on teaching children about their bodies and boundaries.

Who is going to instruct them? It’s a hot time for teaching sex-ed in China. This may be a lucrative option for your travel adventures – pedophiles are advised not to apply.

$5.45M Bail Makes Cents – 22/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

May 30, 2013

It’s so frustrating when accused pedophiles are released with a low bail. It doesn’t make sense.

A-slap-on-the-wrist bail tells the public that the crime is not serious, and the accused is trusted to follow ordered restrictions. If accused pedophiles followed common community restrictions, it’s unlikely they would have been arrested for CSA.

moneyThe accusations against Stephen Norman Conrad Jr. 31, were taken seriously by a Tallassee judge in Elmore County, Alabama. Conrad’s bail was set at $5.45 million. This high bail was not set because Conrad is a rich man who can pay for release. It’s 5M+ because he’s a monster who repeatedly groomed and raped at least 8 kids, under the age of 12, over a period of 11 years. The youngest child reportedly was only 3 months old. Investigators are still interviewing other possible victims.

Doing the math of bail on at least 109 counts of CSA, and Conrad’s confessions, equals big bail dollars.

Conrad is not going down alone. His wife and two friends were also arrested for witnessing and not reporting sexual abuse of a child. Bail for them has been denied, so far.

How does such a monster get access to kids? This charmer dated or befriended their mothers. Some of the 8 kids may have been his own. These moms were too trusting, too ignorant, or too wrapped up in their own dramas and desires that they failed to protect their innocent babes.

This guy is only 31 years old. He had a long run of raping kids. It’s painful to imagine how many more kids he might have messed up with the compliancy of his family and friends. He’ll probably spend the rest of his life in prison.

Thanks to a justice system that plans to hold him in place with reasonable bail and due process, another pedophile has been stopped.

Be Neighborly – 21/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

May 21, 2013

Pueblo CO – It’s another case of Vagilantes in action.

Angry neighbors chased a man who bolted after he was identified by a sexually assaulted little girl. (videos) For about 15 blocks, a few locals were hot on the heels of this stranger. They threw rocks at him, pummeled his face a bit bloody then held him until the police arrived.

21:52 image The 54 year old unidentified man was rescued from the crowd of parents and community activists. After questioning, he voluntarily gave a DNA sample and was released for lack of evidence.

Neighbors, including members of the American Indian Movement, have tried working with the local police in response to recent attacks on young children – a sexual assault, an attempted abduction, and a man exposing his genitals to a kid in an alley near Mitchell Park. According to the grapevine, it was all done by the same man.

Gossip wasn’t good enough to warn everyone in the community. Frustrated East Side neighbors did what the police had failed to do. They spread the news door-to-door. When a man who matched a description provided by the abused children was seen in the same alley where the dick’s exposure happened, folks tried to make sure the suspect didn’t slip away. They ran after him.

Then the justice system let him go, although one of the community leaders was arrested. DNA reports may show this stranger simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or, a DNA match will indicate he’s guilty. If so, we wonder if he will be found again. Perhaps he’s still running.

Be warned, the next guy these raising-a-child-villagers chase won’t get off so easily. That’s being a good neighbor.

Mickey Mouse Justice – 20/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

May 15, 2013

Today, Rev. Cedric Cuthbert was charged with accessing child porn on the same computer he uses to write his sermons for the St. James AME Church  in Sanford, Florida. That’s bad.

Disney Mickey Mouse Postage StampRev. Cuthbert was arrested for viewing kiddie porn at a Disney World’s Port Orleans Resort where he worked. That’s extra bad.

On April 24, Disney’s software alarm reported Rev. Cuthbert was watching young girls having sex. Not satisfied, he had encouraged the girls to give him a bit more action.

This stuff makes Mickey mad. It’s not smart to mess with Mr. Mouse.

Disney fired him. Rev. Cuthbert wrote a please-forgive-me letter – standard tactic when your sins are exposed. Disney is not in the business of forgiving ex-employees who are dangerous to their business model.

Hum-m-m, what else was happening between April 24, and today? Why the delay in filing charges? We’ll never know all that goes on behind the Disney curtains.

This great company knows that where there are kids, it takes extra care to weed out the pedophiles.

Maybe more churches are learning this lesson too. Or, are they still trying to keep such news quiet as a church mouse?

Manly Steps Forward – 19/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

May 13, 2013

Short and sweet: watch this powerful video of Jackson Katz. Businessman

For those who are irritated – like me – whenever they are told to watch a video without any other information about why they should hit the link, here’s something more.

The video, from TEDx FiDiWomen, is about violence in our society. Katz, of MVP Strategies, is passionate, profound and prophetic in his vision of how to dissolve violence, including child sexual abuse. Men can learn how to step up in everyday situations.

If you want to dig deeper, after watching the video, you can quickly read: Ten things men can do to prevent gender violence.

Short and sweet. Just a few words here that can help to make a world of difference. It’s up to us to step forward.

Borrow a Phone – 18/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

May 5, 2013

Someone asks to borrow your phone for a quick call, and you usually hand it over. There’s one man, Jacques Adam Dubois, who now wishes he weren’t so willing to help a friend.

shocked woman looking at phone

Tapping through screens, the friend noticed several child porn images on the phone. At 3:00am the police received a 911 call to report the phone’s pedophile owner.

Dubois claimed the images had been sent to him by an unknown person. He wasn’t telling the truth. A total of 565 images and videos were discovered on his little black box.

Listing his address as homeless, it’s likely that Dubois’ phone was an essential lifeline. It’s where he stored his important information.

This week, Dubois pled guilty to only 5 charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. He was sentenced to 8 years for each count but will serve them concurrently.

Dubois will have a “home” for 8 years, or maybe he’ll be kicked back onto the streets because of good behavior or overcrowding. After that, he’ll be free to get a new phone. He will also be free to sexually exploit more children.

Be Anonymous – 17/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

April 28, 2013

Wham! Bang! Blackouts!!! The antics of Anonymous focused on nasty targets this week with their hacking Operation Alice. Whoever you are, Anonymous, thanks for your good work.3d man with vendetta mask anonymous face

In the US, April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. It’s no coincidence that April 25, is commonly known as national pedophile day, or Alice Day based on the possible back-story of Alice in Wonderland. The twisted minds who promote this pedophiles-wear-pink day found their security sorely compromised.

Anonymous temporally shut down the websites of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, (NAMBLA), and Boychat. They interrupted the flow of child porn on several international sites. is back up and running, but still slow to load. They’ve answered the attack with their usual dodge around the justice system by claiming freedom of speech. In a statement Eric Tazelaar equates the sophisticated techniques of Anonymous with book-burners and witch-hunters.

Vagilantes have a message for NAMBLA: Burn baby, burn.

Anonymous certainly has style. Watch the short video they released about the attacks. Spooky. Stylish and spooky.

It’s not a good time to be a pedophile. More people are standing up for the sexual innocence of children. More people are choosing to be anonymous. Be warned by the words of real Vagilantes:

We Are Anonymous,

We are legion,

We do not forgive,

We do not forget,

Expect us!

Letzgo Hunting – 16/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

April 23, 2013

In January, six British parents schemed to snare pedophiles. (The group may be larger. It may be smaller. They may not all be parents. They are not up front about such details.)

Men who believe they have sexually seduced an underage girl online, and make a date to meet their new sweetie in person, are greeted by these vigilantes with a camera crew. The police are concerned by the success of the group who strive under the name of Letzgo Hunting.

One vigilante leader, aka Scumm Buster, told the Daily Express newspaper, “It’s amazing to watch their faces drop as they realize they are not meeting who they thought they were.”16:52

The ease with which the hunters have been bagging, then publicly shaming, their prey has led to at least seven arrests. The self-appointed crusaders have posted some interesting online messages exposing the pedophiles. Documenting their work has provided provocative YouTube videos.

It seems Letzgo Hunting has also caused some red faces among law enforcement officers. The vigilantes have been warned against such unofficial work.

Why not put them on payroll, and let them continue their mission. They’ve had notable success in a short time and claim to have evidence naming 35 other sex offenders.

35 more? That’s dedication. That’s admirable action. That’s an indication there are a lot of pedophiles looking for sex online. We can’t have so many dangerous, stupid rapists and child porn creators running amuck.

Is it so easy to entice a child? Have these perves had trouble-free experiences with other kids? Is this a game they have played so often that they no longer imagine being caught? Yes, yes, and yes.

A few concerned people didn’t accept this answer. They organized. They developed sophisticated plans. They’ve worked to turn the problem around. They’ve taken a significant risk to make a serious change in their community.

Good on them. Is Letzgo Hunting open for international membership?

Follow to Ends of the Earth – 15/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

April 17, 2013

OK, so not everyone considers Dagupan, Pangasinan to be the end of the Earth. From my western US view, it’s way out there. But, it’s not too far for the FBI to chase and capture a pedophile.Global Constraint

Dagupan, with city mottoes of The Melting Pot of Pangasinan and Milk Fish Capital of the Philippines, is a crossroads for agribusiness and commercial competition. The city is home to over 100 financial institutions. A person could get lost in a city like Dagupan.

One resident, on the FBI’s most wanted list since 2010, may have thought he had found a safe hiding place.

Brian Thomas Stickney skipped out on North Carolina criminal charges filed in 2008 and associated with thousands of child porn images – including images of his daughter. He faces 40 years in prison for each of 14 or 15 counts. (His criminal charges are complicated with 2012 charges in Minnesota, and various laws broken in the Philippines.)

Stickney left the US, joined a religious organization and based with them in at least three different locations. He moved often around Pangasinan during his years of freedom, claiming to have been a soldier and using fictitious names.

Stickney was arrested on April 10, at his rented home. His Filipina wife claimed to have no knowledge of his criminal activities or fugitive status.

The FBI, regional and local officials cooperated when Stickney stuck his nose out of his hiding hole. He posted and offer to sell pit bulls on the Internet and listed his contact info.

For pedophiles like Stickney, it’s a small world. There is nowhere to hide. Be afraid. Very afraid.

Fresh from VagilantesPress

April 4, 2013

Emily (Amy) Pike is an exceptionally courageous woman who lives among and loves the children of Jamaica. She wrote Justice in Chains, a poem/song published below. Perhaps someday she will make a video of singing these words. If so, you can be sure we want to see it here.

Emily points to the lack of cultural protection that allows pedophiles to abuse without punishment. Read more about about what she sees in and earlier post: A Vagilante Screams.

Jamaican Flag on faceAmong Emily’s concerns is the failure to implement legislation passed in 2010, intended to create a sexual offenders registry in Jamaica. A registry could also notify the public of child sexual offenders who are deported back to Jamaica after breaking CSA laws in other countries. Legislation which is not applied is worthless. Emily is not comforted by the phrase, “Soon come.”

Just scratching the surface of her one-world concerns is the fact that agencies like TSA screens for shampoo and such, but doesn’t stop registered sex offenders from taking pedophile-pleasure trips to other countries like Jamaica.


by Emily (Amy) Pike

Justice is a lady in chains here

Where monsters and molesters go free

And children have a reason to fear

That’s not the way it’s supposed to be

Sometimes it’s sad that even a mother can be bought

And the stacks of money make a boy’s cries ignored.

And a man can be freed who once was caught

And a rapist goes to rape again, good lord!

So while this predator roams free to hurt again

Warn the little ones to take care what taxi they get in

Because a battymon is free on the West End of Negril

Who will rape children until he’s had his fill.

Monsters who harm the littles ones

Don’t do it only once, but repeat their acts

Their reign of evil terror runs and runs

So spread the word and get out the facts

Some say vigilante justice is wrong

I say justice is crying and the children are bleeding

So ring the bell and sound the gong

Such heartbreak we need to stop feeding.

And this we do each time we turn away

Each time we deny what is right in our face

But lady justice is screaming today

And wants to be restored to her rightful place.

END – read other pieces on VagilantesPress