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Shamed Into Suicide – 33/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 15, 2013

2013 news reports indicate that pedophiles chose suicide to stop themselves from sexually harming children. 33:52 imageMaybe they didn’t care so much about the kids, but couldn’t live with shame and punishment deserved for their selfish indulgence.

Dramatic courtroom exits were made by Steven Parsons and his copycat, William Thomas Moore, Jr. Both men, in unassociated trials, popped a successful dose of poison moments after a judge announced their guilty verdicts. This form of speedy justice suggests a new sentencing option program.

Noticeably, last spring, there was a rash of pedophile suicides. Self-killing reports continued to trickle in until another rash broke out this month.

Because of a large number of kiddie porn busts early this year, it’s easy to see why there was a clump of deaths. Is the recent increase in reports of pedophile suicide coincidental? Maybe more pedophiles realize what outcasts they are in our awakening culture. Such long-hidden secret pleasures will no longer be treated with whispers and a wrist-slap.

Timing of the bust is not indicated in cases of men like Jay Thomas Morgan. He waited a year. In July 2012, Dallas TV News 8,  covered Morgan’s arrest. They reported that Johnson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Lt. Tim Jones commented on graphic porn created by Morgan featuring a 7-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl. Jones said:

 “Let your imagination go as deep as you could think, and it would be 100 million times worse than you ever thought of.”

While awaiting trial, Morgan was found in his jail cell this week hung with his shirt. Morgan’s partner in crime, Rosalyn Elizabeth Burdett, should follow his lead. She was also filmed with the kids – her children.

Timing of arrest was slow, yet suicide was quick and sure for Douglas C. Lewis. He had been the target of a child porn investigation for more than a year. Lewis admitted to officers that he had kiddie porn. His home was searched and evidence confiscated.

Perhaps with the long time lag, Lewis thought his problem would blow over. When officers arrived to arrest him, he pulled a gun. Recognizing a suicide-by-cop situation, officers restrained natural urges when he aimed at them. They instructed him several times to ‘drop it,’ and wounded his lower body. Lewis then shot himself in the head.

Desperate measures by desperate men who took a selfish, easy way out. Or, did they?

Continuing the topic of pedophile suicide next week, we’ll take a peek at cases that are labeled suicide but may have been death at the hand of a vagilante. Also on tap is a question about when investigators can close a case after such a suicide. The answer is not clear-cut.

In the meantime, we expect to see more reports of pedophiles dying. We just wish they would do so before touching a child.

Riotous Response – 32/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 8, 2013

What started as a nice official visit between neighbors turned into a royal snafu that left a child rapist free to reoffend for a week, and will possibly allow him to forever thumb his nose at punishment.

2_z084.jpgSpain’s King Juan Carlos reportedly presented Morocco’s King Mohamed VI with a list of prisoners which he wanted released. Such lists are common among governments for humanitarian reasons, and often repay political favors in the incarcerated’s home country.

The King of Morocco didn’t realize what he was stepping into when he pardoned 48 prisoners including the Spanish pedophile, Daniel Galvan Vina. The royal pardon is a stinky, embarrassing, not-yet-over mess that brought enraged citizens into the streets in protest. Those injured in the riots at least know that they have brought government to its knees. They also shined a worldwide spotlight on CSA tourism.

Vina, convicted in 2011 of raping 11 children, ages 4 to15, and creating child porn during assaults. He was sentenced by a Moroccan court to a 30 year prison term.

On July 30, 2013 Vina was again a free man.

Sexual abuse of Moroccan children by foreigners is a hot topic exacerbated by several recent high-profile arrests.

The people of Morocco, who are known to quietly support their leader, screamed that it was unacceptable for Vina to escape punishment. Daily protests across the country have been reported since Vina’s release and continued even after King Mohamed VI backpedaled by rescinding the pardon and issuing an international arrest warrant for the hated pedophile.

Vina was taken into custody again on August 5, at his home in Murcia, Spain. The situation is still sticky and legal details give him comfort.

There are red faces on each side of the border. Both countries now claim a bureaucratic mix-up, and Spain denies creating the list of prisoners to be released. Officials are backtracking earlier statements as rumors fly about Vina’s connection with the Spanish secret service.

Although he is a Spanish national, Vina, (not his real name), is from Iraq, which complicates the extradition order from Morocco. Heads are rolling on the southern side of the fence. The Moroccan prisons chief was fired – a man long-dedicated to the King and to his father before him.

Good neighbors can solve tough problems. They need to see that the head to roll is that of Daniel Galvin Vina. If the governments can’t iron this out, then just release him again. Thanks to every protester, he won’t get far now that he is world-known.

Nasty Comments – 31/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 2, 2013

Oklahoma is okay if public comments are any indication of how locals want to punish pedophiles.

Oklahoma Map Flag ShapeIn the spirit of Vagilantes, good neighbors of Harrah, OK handcuffed and held Matthew Riffel until police officers arrived to arrest him for sexually assaulting a child and creating kiddie porn. It’s a heart-warming story of how one person acted after seeing nude photos of a local girl on Riffel’s phone.

Keeping the phone, the witness talked to the girl, and learned about multiple occasions when Riffel had touched her and taken lewd photos. The witness didn’t call the police, but instead confronted Riffel who said the photos could be deleted, and there was no need to worry about it.

The witness was worried and called the sheriff’s office. Neighbors made sure Riffel was restrained and waiting when deputies arrived. Riffel is charged with 35 counts – first-degree rape, possession of child pornography and lewd acts with a child.

Here’s a sprinkling of public comments about the story:

‘Put him on a corner in chains holding a sign stating what he did to a child, again, let the public take care of the heathen. He won’t last long.’

‘Thank God the witness stepped forward.’

‘ …this piece of garbage should be eliminated.’

In a Yukon, OK case this week, Stephen Christensen was charged with sexually abusing a toddler and making kiddie porn. 16,000 porn images were discovered on his computers at home and work.

News9 reported that Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards said, “The acts this man has committed against an innocent child causes me great anguish, and I believe if convicted, this animal should be put away for life.”

Comments on News9 and  reflect a visceral response:

‘why cant we have these kind castrated?’

‘Jail with the general population—they will take care of his kind!’

‘If you are someone that watches and enjoys pornography; then you are contributing to more of this kind of criminal behavior.’

‘What a shame to put this piece of crap in prison to live off the tax payer’s hard earned money! Child Molester’s should all be put to death.That poor child will forever be scarred…’

‘He wouldn’t have needed the OSBI or Canadian County Sheriff’s if he ever did such to my little girl…’

‘…his life needs to (be) made a torture every day for the rest of his life!’

‘I don’t care what anyone says, Child Molesters can NOT be rehabilitated! I believe they should get death!’

‘Let him rot in prison until he meets his maker. I wouldn’t want to be him on Judgement Day! And thank God it wasn’t my child or I would be in prison.’

‘I say brand his face with something… “I scared a child” and let every person that sees him beat him, because givin the chance I would.’

‘Put away for life? NOPE…..If he is convicted, he needs to be strung up from the highest tree in Canadian County! IMMEDIATELY!’

‘He needs to just die over and over again repeatedly by every torture that man can think of.’

‘A BOTTOM FEEDER AT THE LOWEST LEVEL!! A guy who can get his jollies from a child is the most perverted form of human life! These guys should be taken out into a swamp & castrated with a dull knife, ties to a tree, covered in honey & left for nature to deal with. A child has lost their innocence & their ability to trust & will be left with trying to overcome obstacles their entire life. These perps should have their lives forfeited! I hope they turn him out into the general population in the jails & let those guys have at him if he is permitted to live.’

If Riffel or Christensen ever walk free, Vagilantes may find some new volunteers among this group of vocal citizens. Kids in Oklahoma will become safer because of people like you. If you are in a situation to report a pedophile, do it. In the meantime, keep on commenting!

Break the Faith – 30/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

July 26, 2013

If your religion uses such terms, then you have often heard, ‘Keep the faith,’ as encouragement during times of trouble. If the situation is serious, these words carry life-saving weight. Or, they can be as light as saying, ‘Bless you,’ after a sneeze.

‘Keep the faith,’ is the wrong thing to say when demanding obedience. There was something too self-serving, cruel and perhaps threatening in this phase when it came from the mouth of Bishop Michael Malone.

30:52 imageBishop Malone’s message was clear when he made a phone call to a man identified as AH – the first witness to give testimony against a pedophile priest in a recent hearing. The justice proceedings included coverup allegations against the Catholic Church for hiding the sexual abuse of AH by priests James Fletcher and Denis McAlinden.

AH rightfully questioned the Bishop’s advice – a phrase twisted backwards, and aided by smoke and mirrors. The church, not a religious follower, needs to keep the faith. With demands of allegiance and blind faith, the church has failed to protect their own kids – the future of the church.

Children are deep believers of whatever they are taught. Such innocent acceptance can be exploited. It makes them easy targets for sexual abusers in hierarchic leadership roles. All houses of worship are common camouflage for CSA.

It’s good to see that people are taking a closer look at faith, and finding it does not live exclusively behind big heavy doors.

Such doors are being nudged open by the Klokk Foundation in the Nederlands. They have set up a website, and invited Catholic clergy to confess any CSA involvement with their flock.

The site, which can be used anomalously, is not meant to trap church leaders. It is a sincere attempt to locate victims and off them counseling help. This effort may lead to more accurate statics and better programs to serve the abused.

Gosh, why didn’t the Catholic Church think about such a service for their damaged parishioners? Were they were too busy hiding the truth?

Left Behind – 29/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

July 17, 2013

What Brian Harling left behind when he moved from his Ft. Myers, FL condo is now biting him in the butt. There’s the giggle of natural justice in this story.

Blue USB Flash Drive in FireHarling’s new tenant found three thumb drives when cleaning a shelf in her new home. She took a peek, then called the police.

The drives, which led to his arrest last week, hold hundreds of sexually explicit images of children under the age of 10.

Investigators located two more thumb drives in the condo. More that 250 of the images found on the five drives are believed to have been created by Harling – some clearly show him having sex with minors.

Creepy landlords are not all that unusual, but Harling set off alarm bells when he mentioned to his tenant that her 20 month old daughter had “seductive eyes.” She wisely moved out after a few days. Her frightening-for-any-mother job was done.

What kind of man abuses children, films the crime and then has so little disregard for raping a kid that he doesn’t bother to secure the proof? One that wears a bright orange jumpsuit for a long time. We hope.

Don’t Swim Alone – 28/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

July 9, 2013

After reading Take the Plunge – 27/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles,  Jeff Stuart contacted Vagilantes about his experience of being sexually abused when he was a boy. He tells us more about his odyssey of reconnecting with Todd Mozzer, building a friendship, then swimming the Connecticut River together to help stop pedophiles.

28:52 imageJeff’s touching statement of truth appears here and will also be posted in Vagilantes Press.

In his heartfelt words:

My best friend in the universe took some advice from me recently, then some months later, swam down the Ct. River in response to the horror of what happened to him. And me.

I followed him stroke for stroke in honor of friendship, but most importantly in response to his act of heroism. Some part of it was selfish – for I’ve been searching for a way to heal from my Trauma of childhood sexual abuse. I was left with no choice but to follow this deepest friend of mine, Mr. Todd Mozzer.

Please continue to read Jeff’s message to the world:

My name is Jeff Stuart. I love swimming. I’m debating if I love coaching more, except after last weekend’s Odyssey in the Connecticut River, the gig is up. It’s Coaching.

I was born from a womb of warm watery fluid. By the ripe age of 2 weeks I was swimming. On my own.

By the tender age of 11, I was a champion swimmer and a fine specimen of young athletic boyhood. It was then that he came. My abuser. Mr. X was the principal of the Jr. High I attended.

He got me in the shower. Then he took me in his car. By the age of 14 he had me in his home, my home, his office, the gym locker room, and even in Tahiti – on a trip That my parents let me go on @ the age of 16.


He is still around @ 94 years old, but now he’s registered as a sex offender. Thanx to you know who. Yup. I went to an attorney after coming clear of the first vestiges of healing. Since then at least 4 more men have come forward. For me it was as if the hasp of a lock at a gate had clicked open. It was the beginning of the floodgate.

When I was in Connecticut State Penitentiary, due to drug and alcohol addiction, some 8 years ago, I chose Native American Circle for my choice of worship. In the circle, after the smudging ceremony, The Elder coined me “DOLPHIN BOY.” He had never seen me before.

Since then I have attained elite status in my field of open H20 swimming. Swimming is the primary reason I survived. Because of this gift I was given, I absolutely must share it.

31 years ago, after a debauched berth on the US Olympic Team, I began giving it away. By coaching, I could at least absolve myself of some of the inner turmoil, shame and guilt of my twisted social sexual persona. I drank, smoked, ingested hallucinogens, and on and on. But coaching set me free, cuz it was pure, and it was good, and I was good at it.

18 years later I became friendly with a man who was swimming in the CT River for a cause to clean up the river. I was high on crack cocaine, so never really connected, just swam with the man. 12 years after that I that man again, and we became friendlier. He came seeking help with his swimming.

I remember like it was 10 minutes ago what he said, “WOW, you’re hurtin’ man! I’m Todd, remember me?”

“Not exactly, Todd, but you seem familiar.” (Remember, I had ingested nearly every drug and booze known to man.)

“That’s funny,” he said. “We were together in the boat and in the river for the clean the river project a long time ago.”

Within moments we became tentatively friendly and connected. What I know is that I was happy at the time. Over 7 years of sobriety, 3+ years clean of drugs, and back in the fold of continuing my calling of swim coaching. After all that’s why he was here at the lake – no fishin’ pole, nor kayak.

Todd Mozzer is a man of patient, deep, nonjudgemental qualities. What he saw in my face that day was creases and cracks of guilt. He gazed into the eyes of shame. He was witnessing the struggle within a wounded warrior. A warrior victim of childhood sexual trauma.

We talked more and more, until one day he tilted his head in that Todd Mozzer signature way – gazing at sky, and water and infinity all at once. He spoke clearly if not hesitantly about his growing up. Then the gate creaked open. My rekindled friend told his REAL story. Within that hour we shared our mutual feelings of social and mental and emotional genocide. The gate began leaking and trickling.

It has been nearly 2 years since that day. I have done my very best with Todd to make him aware of the variables that can occur on any given day in the river. My main man Todd Mozzer had trained well and prepared for all his needs on this Quest.

This past weekend we experienced a profound and life changing flood. At the gate.

After completing mile after mile of joyous, turbulent, twisting, turning, warm, cool, placid, choppy, whitecaps, boat clogged, silty, semi salty, clear, CT river water, the Honorable Mr. Todd Mozzer and myself touched down at the mouth of our mother of a river and wept.

We wept for the children who never had a voice. We cried for one another in the joy of completion. We sobbed inside at all the suffering around us in the world at that very moment when some little innocent boy or girl was being taken away from themselves. We were weeping at the thought that it was not enough. Not enough to stop it. We glazed over in anticipation of the next adventure to plan for as we stepped onto hard pavement.

At that moment, I am clear about one thing: The floodgates had been forced wide open as our tears blended with the murky river water at our feet.

The gate is our ability to see.
The gate is a profound sense of knowing.
The gate is an undeniable realm of consciousness.
The gate is a brilliant vision of awareness.
The gate is the beginning of a flow of information and knowledge and understanding, that no longer can be denied or stopped.
The gate is the river – flowing powerful and strong to bring the insanity to an end.
The gate is a valve to help anyone who is present to see the darkness which surrounds us.
The gate is an avenue towards the light.
The gate will be the thing which can suppress the evil of childhood sexual trauma and abuse on our planet.
The gate flows from the darkness and into the light.
Darkness to Light.
My gratitude comes through the heart and soul of one man – Mr. Todd Mozzer.

Jeff Stuart 7/4/13

Vagilantes knows how strong a man must be to open his heart and his life this way. Clearly, the pedophile who tried to steal his spirit so many years ago has failed. More power to you, Jeff.

Take the Plunge – 27/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

July 2, 2013

There are many ways to kick a pedophile in the gut. Some ways are exceptionally challenging.

27:52 imageTodd Mozzer and Jeff Stuart jumped into the Connecticut River last weekend at Hartford and swam 60 miles to Old Saybrook to raise funds and awareness for Darkness to Light, an organization dedicated to ending CSA.

The 3-day effort, might not seem heroic to experienced aquatic-lovers, but Todd Mozzer was not an avid swimmer. He began his training only a few months ago. It seems he teamed up with the perfect coach, elite swimmer Jeff Stuart.

Both men experience sexual abuse as children. Mozzer, 48 didn’t tell about assaults by his neighbor until 40 years later. He’s certainly raised his voice far above a whisper. He recently took the painful step of telling his father about the abuse, and now finds himself talking openly with strangers about the need for CSA prevention.

“The problem is, when you hide it, you’re not making a difference,” Mozzer said. “I hid it for so long, so I don’t now.”

A heart-warming video, posted by The Courant, clearly shows the passion these men have to prevent and heal CSA. They had loving support of many people like training partner Julie Madison to complete their mission.

Jeff Stuart’s emotional strength eclipsed his impressive muscle development when he said, “Let’s raise awareness and levels of consciousness for people who really need to be shown that there are abusers, pedophiles and monsters out there everywhere.”

Nothing can stop these men now. They have ideas for other swimming challenges such as group swims to raise awareness. They’re pumped enough to consider taking on the ultra challenge of swimming the 470 mile length of the Connecticut River, beginning at the Canadian border. All for a good cause.

Like many survivors of childhood sexual abuse, they’ll keep moving forward one stroke, one kick at a time. We’re creating a mighty river of change to stop pedophiles.

Pause to Praise Progress – 26/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

June 27, 2013

It’s been a tough 26 weeks.

Every post you read here is backed by hours of sifting through daily reports of real life tragedy – innocent children who are sexually exploited by adults pretending at love.

There are also adults who aren’t in the game to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Their thrills are from making big bucks off the little backs of babes.

It’s heartbreaking to read raw news about the pain and suffering being caused by pedophiles and profiteers. This year, hundreds of thousands of children have been groomed, seduced, photographed, kidnapped, raped, sexually tortured and enslaved. Their lives are dark and confused. No exaggeration. It continues.

Thank you in different languages

This week, Vagilantes takes a deep breath and pauses with gratitude for the progress we’ve made in 2013.

It’s becoming harder for pedophiles to hide. Real Vagilantes are quietly dealing with child sexual abusers who slip through cracks in the justice system.

Fallout from the Sandusky case has fueled CSA awareness in ways no public interest campaign would have achieved. People are now talking above a whisper about this disturbing topic, especially in locker rooms and places of worship.

The prevalence of pedophiles in every place children commonly go is now openly acknowledged. Coverups are more likely to surface, and result in greater punishments, than was the norm just a short time ago.

Improved technology and training has helped volunteers and officials to rescue more sexually abused kids who were discovered in porn. Tomorrow, only the foolish, the desperate and the self-entitled will dare to risk finding CSA porn online. If the Feds don’t find the perverts first, their friends or family will turn them in.

New laws swept through 2013 state legislatures empowering CSA victims to tell their truth in court where old statute of limitations had slammed shut doors to justice.

New prevention programs have been funded by private donors, corporations and government agencies. Old programs are scrambling to keep up with the demand for information and fresh solutions.

International internet giants, like Google, have finally made serious commitments to blocking online kiddie porn. It will be fascinating to see how they use their power to plug the holes where pedophiles meet ‘n feed each other.

There’s some news we’d like to see. Where are the reports about education programs for men who are attracted to children? Who is finding real solutions to stopping the pedophiles instead of putting the burden on parents, childcare providers and kids? We know the electronic tracking devices and sexual assault registries are weak deterrents. We need new answers to an age-old problem.

Twenty-two fresh CSA news reports arrived today in our inbox. Vagilantes have more work to do, but it was invigorating to pause for a few minutes and reflect on the progress that dedicated people have made in the first half of 2013. Tell a positive story if you have one to share.

Text Like a Kid – 25/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

June 17, 2013

What more is a mother to do?

25:52 imageShe had clearly warned her 11 year old daughter that a Facebook account was not allowed. Late one night she saw a FB message arriving on the kid’s phone. Red flag #1. Searching deeper she learned the booty-calling new friend was a 23 year old man who also had the girl’s phone number. Red flag #2.

After some serious WTF questions directed at her daughter, this mom took a big step and called the pedophile. He tried to wiggle his way out by pretending to be his 15 year old, (nonexistent), brother. Mom confirmed the man knew her daughter’s age, and told him never to contact the child again.

Mom called the police. They said she didn’t have  enough evidence for them to get involved. Mom knew if the law wasn’t going to help protect her daughter, she would have to do it herself as a real Vagilante.

This pedophile wasn’t ready to let go of his target. He kept on calling/texting, charming and grooming until he clearly asked for sex and spread-legged closeup photos. He didn’t know that the person answering his love notes was now the mother, texting as her daughter.

When he asked for a sexy picture of his dream girl, mom photographed a Target ad of a young woman in a bra and sent it. When he asked to see a picture of the girl’s vagina, the mother answered, “You first.” The desperate pervert sent images of a nude body, with an erection, but not showing a face.

This still wasn’t enough for the police who needed to know for sure who was sending the messages.

Mom went back to texting like a kid. She asked for a photo of his face. He sent one.

Now the mom had something more solid, than just photos of his penis, to give to the police. Michael Jerome Bradley was arrested last week in his St. Petersburg home.

This strong mother is likely to do everything she can to put him in prison, without his phone. We wish her additional success.

Dump a Dishonorable Dad – 24/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

June 10, 2013

The big day for Dads is on the calendar this Sunday. Many of us don’t celebrate a day that is a painful reminder of a man who sexually abused us.

24:52 image

Our memories of betrayal begin to creep in about the same time as the colorful ads for Father’s Day gifts start their annual sales pitch. It’s depressing.

For those who are still keeping family secrets, you are paying a far greater price than the cost of a new necktie or baseball tickets to a double-header. Pedophiles usually have more than one victim. Other kids may be suffering because of your silence.

Just because your dad stopped diddling you years ago, doesn’t mean that we’ve solved the problem of CSA. Secrets still seal the lips of most violated kids. This week the sexual use of several children, by their fathers, broke the surface and became news stories.

A 27 year old dad, sexually assaulted his 13 month old son while making kiddie porn. The dad was caught trading the images online. His excuse was that he felt pressured by other pedophiles.

Jose Perez Jr., 41, impregnated his 12 year old stepdaughter. Keeping it in the family, he was also found guilty of sexually abusing his 11 year old stepdaughter.

The messy case of Stephen Conrad Jr., continued this week with clarifying charges that accuse him of sexually abusing eight kids, all under 12, including four of his own children. Vagilantes reported on this shocking case of compliance and coverup by his family and friends.

These cases involved blood relatives, but there are also father-figures who deserve to be dishonored. Expose the men who were expected to teach us about responsibility and love: church leaders, scoutmasters, coaches, babysitters and mom’s boyfriend. This is a great time of the year to speak up. On Father’s Day, you might stop a pedophile from stealing the innocence of another child. Do you need help to raise your voice?

For those who didn’t have a good example of a father, here’s a brief look at what a real dad does to protect his child, and other kids: parents-tackle-pedophile-taking-pictures-of-little-kids-in-dressing-rooms.

Our message to this man on Father’s Day: Thanks Dad!

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