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Save the Dicks – 43/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

October 26, 2013

43:52 imageYeah, yeah, we know. You didn’t expect Vagilantes to fight against castrating pedophiles. We take a firm, upright position: leave the dicks where they are.

Oh, we also know that pedophiles are not actually risking their dicks…it’s their balls, or some tubing, that people want to wave around as trophies.

Rep. Steve Hurst, an Alabama state legislator, is going for the gold – make that the family jewels. He’s announced plans to reintroduce an ol’ solution to child sexual abuse in the 2014 session. The proposal will legalize castration of convicted sex offenders over the age of 21 who assaults a child under the age of 12.

It’s too little, too late.

On our side of the fence is a vocal group of people who lobby for reproductive rights…the rights of a child rapist to reproduce if and when they want. Throughout US history, the issue of castration has coupled some strange bedfellows. (Ick! I like your vote, but don’t touch me.)

Vagilantes don’t agree that we should worry about protecting pedophiles’ sperm when they may have scarred a child, physically or emotionally, so that they will never have a family of their own.

There’s a solid reason Vagilantes don’t believe castration is worth the effort. We know it’s not the dick that does the deed.

A child rapist doesn’t need a hard dick to ruin a life. Physically and chemically castrated men in nine other states are still able to sexually abuse kids. The threat of castration has not been a deterrent to crime.

We’re glad that Alabama will be talking about how to stop pedophiles, thanks to Rep. Hurst. They need to look for a contemporary answer to the serious problem of CSA. We hope they move their attention from the crotch, and get to the HEART of the problem.

Ah, great idea…cut out their hearts!

Do you have a better solution?

Answers, Not Acquiesce – 42/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

October 24, 2013

Success is overwhelming the system. Every day, hundreds of online kiddie porn creators and collectors are discovered and reported to the police. Many are arrested. Others are targeted for arrest. The police are building their files and waiting for a time when the crime trail expands to include more pedophiles in the net of justice.

It’s becoming easier to document and prosecute CSA crimes. So easy, that success has buried the courts in a backload of cases which is likely to never clear.

This means that too many child sexual abusers have and will continue to escape punishment. They will escape treatment requirements and sexual offender registration which notifies the public to keep a close eye on these guys.

John Carr, of the Children’s Charities Coalition of Internet Safety, claims it will take Britain until 2032 to process and prosecute those who currently access and create child porn.

Britain is not a big country. They don’t have a massive population. They don’t claim to have more than their share of pedophiles. They do have a sophisticated investigation and judicial system. They are not sluggards.

Yet with British advantages, Carr’s numbers don’t lie. If it is projected to take 20 years to systematically address today’s British child porn sickos, then we’re already out of time for justice systems worldwide to solve CSA problems.

Justice systems should be the last solution to social nightmares.

It’s great to catch criminals – it’s better to prevent child sexual abuse. Prevention is the goal.

Prevention education for children can provide a kid with a few tools of defense. It certainly promises they can trust someone will listen when they try to report a pedophile has pulled out his bag of tricks. (Do we always keep this promise?) But, considering cultural resistance to sex education, we’re not empowering our kids quickly enough.

Don’t depend on vigilante justice to swat the creeps scuttling back into their hidey-holes.

42:52 imageWe need better answers. We need pretreatment programs that correct the various power-grabbing urges, motivations and perversions of pedophiles.

Vagilantes is on the hunt! Answers can come from anywhere. We’re compiling info about justice system referral programs. That’s not enough. We’re seriously looking for pre-justice system programs and suggestions.

How can we help pedophiles to change themselves? Do you have ideas? Who do you know that has an answer?

Are you, –were you – a pedophile who has found something that turned you around? Please leave a comment or contact Vagilantes with a private message.

It’s tempting to acquiesce and throw up our hands in frustration. Instead, let’s find and create answers.

Set Your Sites – 41/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

October 12, 2013

Damn! It’s been a hard, but usual, week reading the news about hundreds child sexual abusers and their 41:52 imageequally guilty cousins, the kiddie porn collectors. Most of these guys  arrogantly shake off the justice system and find a way to molest more children.

They are not easy to stop.

Dr. James Kincaid, the author of Child Loving and other controversial books, is scheduled as a keynote speaker  at the Bodies At Play Symposium in Canada on October 19. He claims he won’t be silenced with a petition signed by thousands of clear minded citizens who say they don’t want him to instruct pedophiles on how to groom and rape their children.

The Catholic empire continues to avoid CSA confession with little side-stepping moves. This week, the Polish Catholic Church can’t get their talking points aligned.  Archbishop Jozef Milchalik blames divorced parents for CSA in the church. Poland’s Archbishop Wojciech Polak sort of apologizes for pedophile priests while  Rev. Jozef Kloch, a spokesman for Poland’s Catholic Church, says the church won’t pay financial compensation to proven victims.

Have you seen Michael Sean Stanley? This high-risk, violent, child sexual offender jumped probation and crossed the Canadian/US border, but he was not arrested because of the current USA government shut down and because of other squiggly laws. (Oct. 23, 2013 update: Stanley is back in police custody w/investigation of attempted sexual assault on a teenage boy.)

This not-yet-fully-told story is still a tangled mess. Police report a murder and suicide pact between four kiddie porn creators who ended their lives with shotgun-blasted brains and we’re-not-guilty notes left behind. It appears these people stopped themselves, but who are the other players in this game?

Let’s take a deep breath, then focus on one more case:

Set your sites on an Algonquil, Illinois man, Derrick I. Hill, who walked free this week in spite of court testimony by a relative who was 11 years-old when she reported he came to her bed several times each week and stroked her chest, butt and vagina. She testified he had done this for as long as she could remember.

In a slippery, every-word-counts justice system, guilty people can slide through. What went wrong here? The news reports, indicate Hill was charged with the wrong LEVEL of crime. It seems the jury, following instructions, were forced to return a not-guilty verdict. (We wonder if they are having peaceful sleep this week.)

By the time the wheels of justice turned to a court date, this young  girl had probably been through several interviews by various justice system professionals on both sides of the case. Kids generally say less than they know about sex abuse because they don’t have a mature language to communicate what has happened to them. Professionals who interview child witnesses are very careful not to ask leading questions or provide information that might taint a criminal case.

Maybe she wasn’t a great witness when she bravely testified in court. Maybe… something else went wrong.

There’s more to every story, and something isn’t right with this one. In the case of Derrick against the kid, apparently stroking her chest, butt and vagina several times a week, for as long as she could remember, wasn’t enough of an assault to justify the charges he faced.

This girl is off the hook for Hill’s attention. He’ll never touch her again, but his obsession will shift to another child.

Who will stop him next time? Who will stop him before a next time he touches another child?

Vagilantes are welcome to join us at target practice. We need to let off some steam.

Shaking the Family Tree – 40/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

October 6, 2013

We all want to love and honor our elders, but it’s impossible when they shatter our trust and traditional respect.

40:52 imageGrandpa Hill ripped his family apart when he stuck his hands into his granddaughter’s pajamas while she was sleeping. The first time this happened, this ten year old girl didn’t have a context for what was happening. She thought perhaps she was dreaming. The next night, when grandpa returned to her bed for another thrill, she knew she was awake and that something was terribly wrong.

The next morning she told her mother about the weird visit. Mom told dad, and dad confronted his father. Grandpa admitted the assault. The parents responded perfectly when they believed their daughter and immediately left grandpa’s home.

Over the next few days, the family rode the storm of their discovery. Like all families who face such trauma, they had the choice to keep a family secret. The pressure from other members of the family spoke to the character of each one of them.

Led by the dad, who had “lost” the father he thought he had known, the smaller family unit made a brave decision. They filed a police report. The pedophile patriarch was arrested and convicted.

Then mom, dad and daughter, with the support of Voice Today took a huge step of going public about their experience. You can watch their extraordinary interview with Christi Paul on Raising America with Kyra Phillips. It’s heart-tugging. It’s powerful. It’s hopeful. It’s truthful.

Their bravery will change lives in ways they could never have imagined. When someone steps away from the standard of family-first to do the right thing, it makes it so much easier for others to face poison in their own blood lines.

The Hill family is clearly saddened by broken family ties, but they have built a stronger connection for generations to come.

With much gratitude and admiration, Vagilantes recognize these parents for their leadership and for making the hardest decision. That’s real love.

No Dearth of Deaths – 39/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

September 28, 2013

A Colorado women, Forsythia Owen, heard that Denzel Rainey had molested a 4-year old girl. She found him sleeping in an alley, then beat him almost to death with a baseball bat. He didn’t recover from her mighty swings. Now they have both struck out. He’s dead and she’s facing justice.

39:52 imageThere’s much more to learn about the Owen-Rainey story. The fact-digging has just begun. So far, it’s reported that Owen has a history of instability with an arrest record for attacking a boyfriend years ago with a knife.

Warning to pedophiles: there are more unstable Vagilantes who have been created by men like you. We don’t know what they might do.

Fear of such people is the reason an Irish man accused of CSA  begged the court to keep his identity secret. It seems the locals have already made him a target. Police had to quell a mob of about 60 people who were outside his home and calling for his death.

Is Vagilantes warped for suggesting suicide as a great way for pedophiles to stop themselves? It seems a trend is building toward this solution. In this week’s worth of GoogleAlerts there are a surprising number of men who have killed themselves…or so it appears.

A convicted pedophile, and registered sex offender, died in his house fire.  He may or may not have lit his own flame. Whatever happened, one neighbor was heard to say that ‘He will not be missed.’

An unidentified Chino, CA man was suspected of abusing a girl. During a police chase, he called a family member and threatened to kill himself. He did, by steering his car off the road.

Gareth Gricks, a once-powerful law enforcement officer in his community didn’t face 9 charges of CSA. He was found hanging in a garage.

In cases like those of Seamus Webb and Frank Anthony Crisci we must read between the lines to guess at how they died while waiting for the wheels of justice to stop turning.

Gary Cleary was found hanged in his home after he was outed by the pedophile chasing group Letzgo Hunting.

The organization claims no responsibility for Cleary’s death. But in the upheaval, Letzgo Hunting appears to be unraveling.

That’s a death we would be sad to read about.

Judge the Judges – 38/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

September 18, 2013

The good ol’ boy system of justice needs to grow up. We have judges who still believe boys will be boys and girls make them do stuff to get them in trouble.

38:52 imageMontana Judge G. Todd Baugh is a fine example. He heard the case of Stacey Rambold, a teacher, who was found guilty of raping his 14-year old student Cherice Moralz. (The girl killed herself before the case came to trial.)

Although the prosecution was seeking a sentence of 20 years with 10 years suspended,  Judge Baugh sentenced Rambold to essentially 30 days in jail. Ol’ Judge Baugh went so far as to say the victim was, “older than her chronological age” and “as much in control of the situation as was the defendant.”

The judge backtracked and apologized when there was a national uprising calling for his resignation – over 45,000 people signed a petition. Now Judge Baugh is stuck in a legal mess about how to change the sentence for Rambold who originally had a deal to avoid a trial if he attended a sex-offender treatment program and other reasonable conditions. He failed to keep his part of the bargain. People who are paying attention will not let the convict or the judge get away so lightly.

It’s not always the good ol’ boy system that slaps the hands of child sexual offenders. Sometimes it’s the rich ol’ girl connection that sidesteps justice. Dallas socialite Erika Perdue was a major player in the sick game of child porn for over 13 years. She had amassed a huge collection and confessed to trading kiddie porn every day. She gave new meaning to the term day trader.

Perdue was sentenced to only 14 years in federal prison and to pay a small, (for someone of her wealth), amount of restitution. She had a chance to make things easier on herself, yet violated her release conditions. Even with a lawyer husband, she wasn’t quite above the law, but we expect to see her back home in her McMansion soon.

Although Judge Paul Stickney presided, it was the prosecuting attorney who arranged her plea deal. We need to judge the decisions of these deal makers who don’t always understand the seriously damaging side of child porn.

There are so many cases…

A couple of quick reports from this week:

A Zurich swim instructor, was sentenced to 4.5 years for sexually abusing a 7-year old boy. The abuse continued once a month for over 5 years. Additional charges concerned a 10-year old boy.

When Vagilantes does the math, it seems like a prison sentence that is shorter than the time a child spent being sexually abused doesn’t add up.

Neither does the case of Iowa youth pastor Brent Girouex who will serve no jail time after confessing he raped at least four boys while he prayed the homosexual evil from their bodies. Eight boys have made claims. Are there more to follow?

Girouex’s wife Erin, the mother of his 4 children, says his sentence of a maximum 5 years of sex offender treatment isn’t enough. She calls for all the young men he tried to “save” to come forward.

Thanks Erin, that’s good judgement.

Believe the Bad – 37/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

September 10, 2013

We all want to believe the good. It takes our fear away. If we believe the bad, the world is a scary place.

37:52 imageEveryday there are news stories of arrests for CSA, kiddie porn collection and child porn creation. Too rarely, there are followup news reports of a conviction or plea bargain – release for lack of sticky evidence is not usually newsworthy. The accused slinks back into society.

Such news makes us think, for a moment about the men arrested and the innocent young victims.

The news we don’t see is the shadow of pain a pedophile leaves for his family, friends and coworkers when his crime is discovered. It can be emotionally and financially devastating. Families dissolve. All around him, people are left shaking their heads and saying, ‘I can’t believe it!’

A heart-tugging example of close friends blindsided by the underbelly of one of their group was expressed on Lettes Chat this week. Listen to this Blog Talk Radio conversation, and learn how people strive to support their buddies even when red flags are waving.

Hear how mothers who are deep in love with pedophiles give them every chance to deny their guilt. Over and over even when they hear wise advice about protecting their children.

We want to trust. Trust feels good.

We want to believe we know the people in our lives. But we get confused sometimes – like a young woman on TV who gushed: ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover. You have to take people at face value.’ Did you catch the conflict in these two statements? Or did you just nod your head to both of them? Her words give new meaning to air-quotes. Empty air. Is our well-intentioned trust as empty?

When we doubt someone because of their quirky ways, and stories that don’t always add up, we’ll take great care to be accepting. Our internal stories turn the pedophile into someone who just drinks too much, a loner, a charming guy who can’t get a break, a gay man, a computer geek…someone who simply loves children.

Neighbors and friends left honest comments after Brian Harling was arrested, telling us they may have missed the signs because he was so good at covering up.

He wasn’t that good. He left clues such as telling a single mom that her toddler has seductive eyes. The mom noticed, believed the bad, and kept a close eye on him. Soon, proof of his obsession was in the palm of her hand. She didn’t give him another chance to show his true colors. She called the police and broke his cover.

Believing the bad is frightening. Our fear is a pedophile’s biggest weapon against justice. Our fear protects him.

Bad is out there. Everyday.

Yesterday, a Wisconsin man, David A. Weaver, 50, faced federal charges for convincing hundreds of pre-teens/teens to pose, strip and do sexual acts for him on Skype. Weaver had over 2,000 videos and more than 250,000 lines of Skype messaging – his successful tool of charm.

Weaver has a wife, a child and a home with deep roots in his community. What do you bet there are some locals who still don’t believe he could do such a thing?

Believe it. Make it stop.

Fly White Balloons – 36/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

September 6, 2013

It’s enough to make your heart soar, watching thousands of pure white balloons bobbing in the breeze just before release from the hands of rugged football players and fans gathered in Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.

36:52 imageToday is White Balloon Day at the stadium – one of 1,200 of events organized across Australia by Bravehearts.  This organization has a lofty goal of making Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.

Such a goal sounds like a challenge to the rest of us. They’ve made great progress in the 14 years of keeping their eye on the ball. The USA needs to pick up speed if we want to stay in the game.

White balloons are a beautiful symbol of purity, innocence and childlike trust. Bravehearts has expanded this theme to all things white. There’s a noticeable increase of people wearing white today in solidarity with this movement.

The use of white balloons were also used at a 1996 public meeting in Belgium, when 300,000 people held them to show sympathy and support for girls who were sexually assaulted by a previously convicted, then released, pedophile.

We’re talkin’ big numbers here. We’re seein’ white balloons in places, like packed football stadiums, where thoughts of CSA are avoided and rare. This is exciting. We can almost hear the cheering half way round the world.

Such changes in public awareness and education of children are earthshaking. Such changes come from many smaller voices, such as that of Ana Montero-Pugin. This strong woman learned at 12 that she was being sexually molested when she read about such things in a library book. She actually threw the book at her father and walked away. The abuse stopped – the fallout continued.

Ana, now 42, is likely wearing white today and releasing white balloons with hope in her heart that this generation will be the last to experience CSA in her homeland.

We believe it’s possible, thanks to a growing number of loving, aware people who live down under.

It’s a small world. May your success spread around the globe.

Shred Army’s Fatigue – 35/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 30, 2013

Lots of our tax dollars may soon be rightfully given to a Clarksville, TN mother who filed suit against the U.S. Army for 30 million dollars.

35:52 imageHer claim is that the Army intentionally withheld information from her about her 6 year old daughter’s rape by solider Joshua Cline – the rape he filmed and marketed to kiddie porn collectors.

Brian Haas reports the Army discovered Cline was trying to sell images of the rape. The military took the usual steps of checking his computer. During the investigation, they called the mother and asked about images on Cline’s  computer.

The mother recalls, “I straight-out asked them, ‘Should I let him into my home?’ And they said, ‘I’d watch her, but we don’t think there’s anything to worry about.’’’

When the mother, involved in a close relationship with Cline, confronted him about the strange call from an Army representative. Cline claimed it was a mixup about some pictures.

Lacking the truth, the mother had no reason to protect her daughter from Cline. Although she kept an extremely close eye on her and didn’t leave her alone with anyone. Until the day she was in the hospital, giving birth to a son.

Cline saw his chance. He raped the girl again and made a video which he put on the market for $25,000.

The mother was left in the dark until the day charges were filed against Cline and she was also arrested. (Cline was recently convicted on Tennessee child rape and federal child porn charges.) Charges against her were dropped, but she lost temporary custody of her 7 year old daughter and newborn son.

Her nightmare was just beginning. Army officers, who finally informed Tennessee officials of Cline’s CSA activities – 10 months after they had proof – should also lose sleep over this case.

This mother has regained full custody of her children, but she lost her house, her job and some no-good friends. A single mom with two kids doesn’t have it easy. This single mom must also support a daughter seriously damaged by CSA.

What’s a mother to do? Not roll with the punches! Find a lawyer, like Amy C. Bates, who understands our military leaders have practiced willful blindness for far too long.

Army soldiers wear fatigues – hence the headline for this story. Fatigue is also wiki-defined as, “A lessening in one’s response to or enthusiasm for something, typically as a result of overexposure to it.”

Men in charge have covered up the child abuse crimes of their buddies for too long, as evidenced by another case filed against the Army after the beating death of 5 year old Talia Williams by her military father.

Vagilantes will gladly pay more taxes in court awards to brave mothers. It’s called change. We want the “Army-Today’s Military” to truly represent a world that is safe for children, at least from our own troops.

Suicide is Painless – 34/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 21, 2013

34:52 imageOnce a pedophile, always a pedophile? What’s a guy to do? Stop the pain – stop the pedophile.

A sure way to stop pedophile crimes is suicide. Another way is murder that looks like suicide. Either way, one less child abuser is a threat to our communities.

Recently, there seems to be an increase in reported suicides when pedophiles are arrested. Although some men are waiting until a judge pounds the gavel of conviction and sentencing.

Certainly, there is nothing new about pedophiles opening the dark door to death. Mental health experts have long recognized this common choice. Some of the self-enders were themselves famous experts, like Dr. Melvin Levine who was caught in a CSA lawsuit filed by 40 former patients.

Perhaps we’re seeing more pedo suicides because it is easier to catch child porn collectors, and because more victims are reporting their abuse. We’re opening our eyes to these crimes, so there’s an increase in arrests.

Or, perhaps there are more pedo suicide reports because there’s an increase in the clandestine work of vagilantes.

Reading between the lines of death reports, it’s easy to see how some cases might be skewed in their conclusion. Certainly, it is faster and easier to close a case because of suicide than one of murder – all to the advantage of those who believe in swift and sure justice.

While we’re on the topic of pedophile suicide, it’s a good time to point out the still too common response that law enforcement has to news of a death. They want to close the case.

This was the immediate response to the gun-shot-in-the-field death of Paul Thomas Hildreth, who possessed more than a million images of kiddie porn.

Backtracking from early statements, the local justice department realized what a goldmine of evidence they held. They turned the evidence over to other officials who are continuing the investigation to locate victims and other suspects.

Assuming there are pedophiles who read this blog, we like to give them little gifts. Here’s and inspirational theme song from MASH about the painless choice of suicide. Be sure to follow along with the lyrics.

With hundreds of pedophiles being caught each week, and with too many escaping justice, there’s just too much work for vagilantes. We need you guys to lend a helping hand – find a way to off yourself that doesn’t harm anyone else.

You’ve hurt society by creating victims of your sexual perversion. Enough already.

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