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Positive Vibrations – 52/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 30, 2013

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We’re at the end of this 1/52 series. It’s been a rewarding year. Big changes are ahead for Vagilantes. We are leaping into 2014. Jump with us.

For 52 weeks we’ve responded to real, heartbreaking news stories of innocent children being used for sexual gratification and perverted financial gain.

Our series presented snarky and hateful suggestions meant to spark conversation and action. A small sample:

Suicide is PainlessSave the Dicks,  Set Your SitesDump a Dishonorable DadNo Dearth of Deaths, and one that even shocked us, Booby Trap Infant Sex Dolls.

As gratifying as it is to our visceral need to bury pedophiles, these sensational topics are not an elixir for progress.

In the 1/52 series, there were also serious posts recognizing people who step forward into dangerous situations, and people who work full time to educate and protect kids. For example:

Fly White BalloonsTake the Plunge and Be Empowered.

These people are inspirational. Vagilantes feel deep gratitude for volunteers and dedicated professionals who spend their lives helping in every way they can. CSA organizations and programs are increasing in mass and visibility. We are not experts in this field. We’ve promoted the agendas of such groups with short, too brief posts about their work.

We empathize with individuals who take rash action against pedophiles in moments of passion. It’s important to share and learn from their stories. Vagilantes is not a source for quality journalism that digs deeply to expose family and community shame.

It would be relatively easy to continue our theme with 1/52 More Ways to Stop Pedophiles, but that’s not thinking big enough.

This year, we asked ourselves big questions:

What can Vagilantes do that no one else is doing? How do we fill a void?

– Instead of slamming pedophiles, who can we touch with an offer to help them change an obsession?

How can Vagilantes turn ugly, gut reactions to CSA reality into positive vibrations?

Where are better answers to stop pedophiles?

Vagilantes already know the when and why of our dilemma. The “when” is now, because children are damaged every day. The “why” is because we are not going to turn away from our mission.

Details for the next Vagilantes project are being refined, thanks to inspiration and research.We have a direction and are excited about announcing new plans. You will be able to help with this fresh venture.

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2013 was an earth shaking year of progress in stopping pedophiles. Creeps were uncovered in record numbers and children rescued. Traditional challenges morphed into new ways for kids to be exploited with technology – on the flip side; technology is providing precise detection and proof of CSA needed in the justice system.

Vagilantes are proud to have played a small part in this forward movement. We expect greater success stories in 2014. Soon, we will introduce our innovative project. Please, take a leap with us into a happy new year.

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  1. December 31, 2013 7:31 am

    Thank you for shedding light on this crime against children and for asking the world to help keep children safe! I look forward to more info in 2014!

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