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Be Empowered – 51/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 26, 2013

51:52 imageSometimes empowered people use their voice to make a difference in the world. Sometimes they use their hands to stop the damage they see. Sometimes they just need to feel empowered enough to call for help.

Vagilantes everywhere can become more empowered after listening to an inspiring interview with Mike Dilbeck titled Don’t be a Bystander – presented by the Good Life Project and hosted by Jonathan Fields.

The interview details Dilbeck’s mission to help people become more reactive when they witness painful acts like bullying, hazing, alcohol/drug abuse, discrimination and sexual abuse or assault. One of his tools is the Response Ability Project. The project offers a wealth of information and inspiration.

In the Good Life Project interview Dilbeck talks about bystander behavior and its various repercussions. He points to Penn State as a perfect example of multilayered bystander resistance to stop a crime. Many people had enough reasons to stop Sandusky long before his name became a brand of shame for the university. (Listen to another Dilbeck interview on NPR about the Penn State sex abuse scandal – embedded on the bottom of the page.)

Making a choice to become involved in protecting children has been one of the primary messages in our 1/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles series. Each week in 2013 we shared stories about people stepping outside their own comfort zone to help kids. They didn’t all become public heroes. Some went about doing the right thing quietly.

The Response Ability Project never tells anyone what they should do. They support individuals in making their own decisions. In the same way, Vagilantes has tried to raise your awareness and assure you that you are not along in demanding justice.

Mike Dilbeck is an everyday hero. Get to know him better, and learn from his example and instruction. You will meet a greater part of yourself.

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