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Believe the Boys – 49/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 5, 2013

49:52 imageThere’s a revolution building. It is soldiered by men who were sexually abused as boys. These men will change the world. They are claiming their manhood, expressing emotional pain and raising their voices against pedophiles.

These men are teaching boys that silence and shame are not the only answers to sexual grooming and blackmail.

As with all revolutions, this one is will become more ugly before life gets better. We’re seeing the beginning of it now with fresh reports daily that rock the foundations of our childcare, education and justice systems.

Religious leaders are being brought to their knees and paying a heavy price for their superior attitude toward damaged, innocent children. Abusers who hunt boys for sport will not be allowed to hide their crimes in locker rooms.

Incestuous family secrets are leaking. Moms are now refusing to cover up or clean up the mess.

We believe the boys, including those who were harmed decades ago.

This change is the force that will also stop the victimization of girls. Go for it guys! Speak up!

Most childhood secrets about sexual abuse are a story told from a place of darkness. Men, you are not alone. There is a brighter future ahead. Help is available 24/7. Be a part of the revolution.

Take some inspiration from Raymond Tucker who spoke through this short poem: (Youtube version)

Last night I had a dream

Of a long forgotten place,

As it started coming back to me

Sadness filled my face;

I saw a little boy

Who did not understand,

What was being done to him

At his father’s hand;

With nowhere else to run

And no place to hide,

He built himself a box

Deep inside his mind;

Inside the box he went

Where no one else could see,

And there he stayed content in peace

For eternity;

As the world around him changed

And everybody grew,

He remained inside the box

And no one ever knew;

I walked up to the box

To take a look inside,

And tell the little boy

There was no need to hide;

Tears are running down my face now

I could not bear to see,

For when I looked inside the box

All I saw was me.

Raymond climbed out of his box and dedicated his life to helping other men who have suffered from CSA. You can read more of his poems and essays in Mind Guards the Gate.

Vagilantes has found that most men, like Raymond, who have admitted their abuse are willing to talk with other men who are searching for help. There are a growing number of organizations that serve male victims/survivors:

1in6 is an organization that takes its name from research that indicates one in six boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18. They emphasize privacy and self-pacing for the process of dealing with CSA trauma. Parents, family members and loved ones will also find help from this progressive resource.

Men Thriving is an informal online peer-support option. Just guys talking with guys – no resources for spouses, friends or family.

Male Survivor offers a wide range of programs, including an international directory of support.

Oprah Winfrey helped men take a giant step forward with one of her TV programs where 200 men  stood together to reveal they were molested.

We believe these men who were damaged as boys have a lot to teach us. We believe they have started a revolution to raise the standard of living for every child. Carry on, men.

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