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Talk Bigger – 48/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 1, 2013

When a man talks big, he needs to be able to fill the shoes he claims are his size. Thaddeus Matthews advertises that he is “The Baddest Man on the Radio!”  He loves to attract controversy, but he isn’t carrying the load he created when he posted child porn during a radio show.

48:52 imageMatthews was indicted this week on three felony counts for posting an image of a girl under five years of age having sex with a man. The photo received intended attention for the sensationalist radio talk show host. Now, he faces a max of 30 years behind bars.

‘No fair,’ Matthews claims. Although he admits posting the image, he says he wasn’t the only one. His they-are-picking-on-me defense doesn’t cause Vagilantes to offer sympathy for his predicament.

He insists that he posted the image in an attempt to identify the man and to locate the child. This could have been done by cropping the photo to include only the man’s face.

Vagilantes has not seen the photo, so we can’t give detailed criticism about how it was presented. But, the topic at hand is not about the posting, it’s about how Matthews has responded to his arrest.

He’s let his ego trump his position of strength. It’s great that this shock-jock has a mic. It’s power in his hands. Unfortunately, he’s using his platform to wallow in self-pity and point to political conspirators.

Talk bigger, Thaddeus. It’s been a terrible week for you, and your legal process will be a nightmare, but you can turn this situation around.

The indictment is not about your position on a sales tax increase. It’s about the exploitation of kids for the sexual pleasure of adults. It’s about you knowingly using this child’s abuse to titillate your fans. It’s about being a bigger man. Make a bigger apology.

Back off of your poor-me ploy and use this opportunity to excite your listeners on the topic of pedophiles. You claim to be the baddest man… There are child abusing men who are truly bad. Use your voice to help stop them. People are listening.

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