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Bag the Braggart – 46/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

November 14, 2013

Girls are warned early that boys like to brag about their sexual experience, even when it is nonexistent. Pedophiles also practice this common exercise of ego boosting.

46:52Bragging serves a special purpose for child molesters. It helps to identify other members of their tribe, and maybe connect them with a new source of kiddie porn or live kids. It’s a grooming tool used with adults who might have access to whatever thrills the seeker wants.

Recently, “Joe” contacted Vagilantes and told us about his coworker, at a kids after-school program, who often brags about how much little girls love him and how sexy they can be. The coworker is grooming Joe. He’s fishing for a response to learn if Joe might like to play the same sick games he does. (Joe was advised to report the conversations to the police, and to his employer. Knowing the employer might not take the report seriously, Vagilantes recommended reporting to more than one place to help close the cracks that pedophiles slip through.)

Braggarts aren’t the brightest bulbs. They can fail to read how other people are receiving their nasty tales. Big mistake.

Ryan Firoved  was also grooming when he told his girlfriend that he had sex with a 12-year old girl. His girlfriend told the police.

Firoved, a convicted child rapist and married father, continued to brag about his history of sex with other young girls. He pushed his girlfriend to allow him access to her nine year old daughter. When Firoved arrived at a motel expecting to have sex with the girl, police were waiting on the other side of the door. He’s now sentenced to 10 more years in prison.

If Firoved continues to brag while he’s in the big house, he may meet the same fate as Mitchell Harrison. The 23-year old repeated child sex offender was disemboweled this month in his cell at Frankland Prison – the same prison where child-killer Ian Huntley had his throat slashed last year. Harrison’s gruesome death came at the hands of two fellow inmates who used razor blades melted into toothbrush handles. His killers said that he bragged too much about raping girls.

On the other side of the coin, journalist Alyana Cronk and her brother Israel are two people on a mission to stop child sexual abuse. They rode a motorcycle 2,200 miles on a month-long fund-raising trip. All donations were given to the organization Darkness to Light. A film crew went along on the journey and created another way to spread their message to help stop pedophiles. The film premiered and the siblings were honored last week the annual D2L Gala.

Now, that’s something to brag about!

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  1. November 15, 2013 11:12 am

    Good for “Joe.” The more we speak up about child sexual abuse, the less access sex offenders have to children. Keep talking everyone!

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