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Fling Some Paint – 45/52 Ways To Stop Pedophiles

November 11, 2013

45:52 imageYes, paint can save a child from sex-trafficking.

Maybe “fling” is too strong of a word, because if you watch the Daily Camera video you will see that some of the painters are using very fine-tipped brushes and taking great care with each stroke.

The painters are part of a 48-hour marathon to paint three large canvases. Each finished painting will be given to the highest contributor on the way to a goal of $25,000. (They’re over halfway to the goal and still need a bit of help. It’s never bad to surpass a goal, so your contribution is welcome anytime.)

The pledges will fund a trip to Cambodia for 10 students in the Naropa University art therapy program. This service learning trip was organized by Professor Sue Wallingford. She plans for the students to work with the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center which supports women and children rescued from the sex trade.

CWCC projects include a focus on prevention with education programs for girls, including sex-ed and how to be safe when they are away from home. Women can receive work-training and startup business loans. The organization, funded by donations, offers a variety of programs, including anger management interventions for men – to stop domestic violence.

Asia is a hotspot for sex-tourists. The Internet has spawned a lucrative new industry of international kiddie porn. Girls and boys are both at risk.  Efforts to protect children from such exploitation are complicated by the Cambodian culture which has one of the lowest levels of gender equality in Asia according to the 2012 Gender Equity Index. Significant changes are needed to empower women and raise standards in that country.

The Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center believes that people make better choices when they have better options. Ten dedicated student workers from the U.S. endorse that mission, and they want to help. They’ll leave soon for Cambodia with a spirit of colorful creativity, and an intention to serve in any way they can.

They can do a lot. We can do a little bit to help them on their way.

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