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Support a Sweet Tooth – 44/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

November 6, 2013

Meet Sweetie, the popular online 10-year-old girl who will make your dreams come true. She’s also great at introducing men to their biggest nightmare.

44:52 imageWith the innocent charm of a child, she gently resists the not-so-shy prodding of thousands of men who offer to pay Sweetie for webcam sex. You can see this sprite in action. You’ll need to offer your credit card in payment for more than a quick introduction – that’s how the cybersex game is played.

Sweetie might demur then perform with a convincing desire to please. During her act, identity data is offered by the creeps who jack off on the other side of a screen…many on the other side of the world.

1,000 pedophiles were identified during Sweetie’s first two and a half months of work. (254 are living in the U.S.)

Sweetie always delivers and never seems to get tired. She is a life-like animation developed as part of a 24/7 sting operation by the Dutch chapter of Terre des Hommes International Federation, a charity that supports and protects children.

Terre des Hommes is asking for your signature on a petition to spur law enforcement in various countries to take the information collected about 999 men and 1 woman, and to develop their own cases to arrest and prosecute the international criminals.

You might also want to make a donation to the organization that brought Sweetie to life.   That would be a generous way to help continue their work. We assume the organization keeps all the funds which are paid by Sweetie’s customers – now that she is in the news, that source of income may dry up.

The juices that lubricate the child cybersex tourist industry are flowing faster than ever. 20,000 Sweetie patrons will tell you it’s easy to take the movies playing in a sick mind and them into real child abuse with a small anonymous click on the “pay now” button.

The price of such pleasure just got higher for some addicts. Good work, Sweetie.

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