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Answers, Not Acquiesce – 42/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

October 24, 2013

Success is overwhelming the system. Every day, hundreds of online kiddie porn creators and collectors are discovered and reported to the police. Many are arrested. Others are targeted for arrest. The police are building their files and waiting for a time when the crime trail expands to include more pedophiles in the net of justice.

It’s becoming easier to document and prosecute CSA crimes. So easy, that success has buried the courts in a backload of cases which is likely to never clear.

This means that too many child sexual abusers have and will continue to escape punishment. They will escape treatment requirements and sexual offender registration which notifies the public to keep a close eye on these guys.

John Carr, of the Children’s Charities Coalition of Internet Safety, claims it will take Britain until 2032 to process and prosecute those who currently access and create child porn.

Britain is not a big country. They don’t have a massive population. They don’t claim to have more than their share of pedophiles. They do have a sophisticated investigation and judicial system. They are not sluggards.

Yet with British advantages, Carr’s numbers don’t lie. If it is projected to take 20 years to systematically address today’s British child porn sickos, then we’re already out of time for justice systems worldwide to solve CSA problems.

Justice systems should be the last solution to social nightmares.

It’s great to catch criminals – it’s better to prevent child sexual abuse. Prevention is the goal.

Prevention education for children can provide a kid with a few tools of defense. It certainly promises they can trust someone will listen when they try to report a pedophile has pulled out his bag of tricks. (Do we always keep this promise?) But, considering cultural resistance to sex education, we’re not empowering our kids quickly enough.

Don’t depend on vigilante justice to swat the creeps scuttling back into their hidey-holes.

42:52 imageWe need better answers. We need pretreatment programs that correct the various power-grabbing urges, motivations and perversions of pedophiles.

Vagilantes is on the hunt! Answers can come from anywhere. We’re compiling info about justice system referral programs. That’s not enough. We’re seriously looking for pre-justice system programs and suggestions.

How can we help pedophiles to change themselves? Do you have ideas? Who do you know that has an answer?

Are you, –were you – a pedophile who has found something that turned you around? Please leave a comment or contact Vagilantes with a private message.

It’s tempting to acquiesce and throw up our hands in frustration. Instead, let’s find and create answers.

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