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Set Your Sites – 41/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

October 12, 2013

Damn! It’s been a hard, but usual, week reading the news about hundreds child sexual abusers and their 41:52 imageequally guilty cousins, the kiddie porn collectors. Most of these guys  arrogantly shake off the justice system and find a way to molest more children.

They are not easy to stop.

Dr. James Kincaid, the author of Child Loving and other controversial books, is scheduled as a keynote speaker  at the Bodies At Play Symposium in Canada on October 19. He claims he won’t be silenced with a petition signed by thousands of clear minded citizens who say they don’t want him to instruct pedophiles on how to groom and rape their children.

The Catholic empire continues to avoid CSA confession with little side-stepping moves. This week, the Polish Catholic Church can’t get their talking points aligned.  Archbishop Jozef Milchalik blames divorced parents for CSA in the church. Poland’s Archbishop Wojciech Polak sort of apologizes for pedophile priests while  Rev. Jozef Kloch, a spokesman for Poland’s Catholic Church, says the church won’t pay financial compensation to proven victims.

Have you seen Michael Sean Stanley? This high-risk, violent, child sexual offender jumped probation and crossed the Canadian/US border, but he was not arrested because of the current USA government shut down and because of other squiggly laws. (Oct. 23, 2013 update: Stanley is back in police custody w/investigation of attempted sexual assault on a teenage boy.)

This not-yet-fully-told story is still a tangled mess. Police report a murder and suicide pact between four kiddie porn creators who ended their lives with shotgun-blasted brains and we’re-not-guilty notes left behind. It appears these people stopped themselves, but who are the other players in this game?

Let’s take a deep breath, then focus on one more case:

Set your sites on an Algonquil, Illinois man, Derrick I. Hill, who walked free this week in spite of court testimony by a relative who was 11 years-old when she reported he came to her bed several times each week and stroked her chest, butt and vagina. She testified he had done this for as long as she could remember.

In a slippery, every-word-counts justice system, guilty people can slide through. What went wrong here? The news reports, indicate Hill was charged with the wrong LEVEL of crime. It seems the jury, following instructions, were forced to return a not-guilty verdict. (We wonder if they are having peaceful sleep this week.)

By the time the wheels of justice turned to a court date, this young  girl had probably been through several interviews by various justice system professionals on both sides of the case. Kids generally say less than they know about sex abuse because they don’t have a mature language to communicate what has happened to them. Professionals who interview child witnesses are very careful not to ask leading questions or provide information that might taint a criminal case.

Maybe she wasn’t a great witness when she bravely testified in court. Maybe… something else went wrong.

There’s more to every story, and something isn’t right with this one. In the case of Derrick against the kid, apparently stroking her chest, butt and vagina several times a week, for as long as she could remember, wasn’t enough of an assault to justify the charges he faced.

This girl is off the hook for Hill’s attention. He’ll never touch her again, but his obsession will shift to another child.

Who will stop him next time? Who will stop him before a next time he touches another child?

Vagilantes are welcome to join us at target practice. We need to let off some steam.

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