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No Dearth of Deaths – 39/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

September 28, 2013

A Colorado women, Forsythia Owen, heard that Denzel Rainey had molested a 4-year old girl. She found him sleeping in an alley, then beat him almost to death with a baseball bat. He didn’t recover from her mighty swings. Now they have both struck out. He’s dead and she’s facing justice.

39:52 imageThere’s much more to learn about the Owen-Rainey story. The fact-digging has just begun. So far, it’s reported that Owen has a history of instability with an arrest record for attacking a boyfriend years ago with a knife.

Warning to pedophiles: there are more unstable Vagilantes who have been created by men like you. We don’t know what they might do.

Fear of such people is the reason an Irish man accused of CSA  begged the court to keep his identity secret. It seems the locals have already made him a target. Police had to quell a mob of about 60 people who were outside his home and calling for his death.

Is Vagilantes warped for suggesting suicide as a great way for pedophiles to stop themselves? It seems a trend is building toward this solution. In this week’s worth of GoogleAlerts there are a surprising number of men who have killed themselves…or so it appears.

A convicted pedophile, and registered sex offender, died in his house fire.  He may or may not have lit his own flame. Whatever happened, one neighbor was heard to say that ‘He will not be missed.’

An unidentified Chino, CA man was suspected of abusing a girl. During a police chase, he called a family member and threatened to kill himself. He did, by steering his car off the road.

Gareth Gricks, a once-powerful law enforcement officer in his community didn’t face 9 charges of CSA. He was found hanging in a garage.

In cases like those of Seamus Webb and Frank Anthony Crisci we must read between the lines to guess at how they died while waiting for the wheels of justice to stop turning.

Gary Cleary was found hanged in his home after he was outed by the pedophile chasing group Letzgo Hunting.

The organization claims no responsibility for Cleary’s death. But in the upheaval, Letzgo Hunting appears to be unraveling.

That’s a death we would be sad to read about.

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