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Fly White Balloons – 36/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

September 6, 2013

It’s enough to make your heart soar, watching thousands of pure white balloons bobbing in the breeze just before release from the hands of rugged football players and fans gathered in Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.

36:52 imageToday is White Balloon Day at the stadium – one of 1,200 of events organized across Australia by Bravehearts.  This organization has a lofty goal of making Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.

Such a goal sounds like a challenge to the rest of us. They’ve made great progress in the 14 years of keeping their eye on the ball. The USA needs to pick up speed if we want to stay in the game.

White balloons are a beautiful symbol of purity, innocence and childlike trust. Bravehearts has expanded this theme to all things white. There’s a noticeable increase of people wearing white today in solidarity with this movement.

The use of white balloons were also used at a 1996 public meeting in Belgium, when 300,000 people held them to show sympathy and support for girls who were sexually assaulted by a previously convicted, then released, pedophile.

We’re talkin’ big numbers here. We’re seein’ white balloons in places, like packed football stadiums, where thoughts of CSA are avoided and rare. This is exciting. We can almost hear the cheering half way round the world.

Such changes in public awareness and education of children are earthshaking. Such changes come from many smaller voices, such as that of Ana Montero-Pugin. This strong woman learned at 12 that she was being sexually molested when she read about such things in a library book. She actually threw the book at her father and walked away. The abuse stopped – the fallout continued.

Ana, now 42, is likely wearing white today and releasing white balloons with hope in her heart that this generation will be the last to experience CSA in her homeland.

We believe it’s possible, thanks to a growing number of loving, aware people who live down under.

It’s a small world. May your success spread around the globe.

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