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Shred Army’s Fatigue – 35/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 30, 2013

Lots of our tax dollars may soon be rightfully given to a Clarksville, TN mother who filed suit against the U.S. Army for 30 million dollars.

35:52 imageHer claim is that the Army intentionally withheld information from her about her 6 year old daughter’s rape by solider Joshua Cline – the rape he filmed and marketed to kiddie porn collectors.

Brian Haas reports the Army discovered Cline was trying to sell images of the rape. The military took the usual steps of checking his computer. During the investigation, they called the mother and asked about images on Cline’s  computer.

The mother recalls, “I straight-out asked them, ‘Should I let him into my home?’ And they said, ‘I’d watch her, but we don’t think there’s anything to worry about.’’’

When the mother, involved in a close relationship with Cline, confronted him about the strange call from an Army representative. Cline claimed it was a mixup about some pictures.

Lacking the truth, the mother had no reason to protect her daughter from Cline. Although she kept an extremely close eye on her and didn’t leave her alone with anyone. Until the day she was in the hospital, giving birth to a son.

Cline saw his chance. He raped the girl again and made a video which he put on the market for $25,000.

The mother was left in the dark until the day charges were filed against Cline and she was also arrested. (Cline was recently convicted on Tennessee child rape and federal child porn charges.) Charges against her were dropped, but she lost temporary custody of her 7 year old daughter and newborn son.

Her nightmare was just beginning. Army officers, who finally informed Tennessee officials of Cline’s CSA activities – 10 months after they had proof – should also lose sleep over this case.

This mother has regained full custody of her children, but she lost her house, her job and some no-good friends. A single mom with two kids doesn’t have it easy. This single mom must also support a daughter seriously damaged by CSA.

What’s a mother to do? Not roll with the punches! Find a lawyer, like Amy C. Bates, who understands our military leaders have practiced willful blindness for far too long.

Army soldiers wear fatigues – hence the headline for this story. Fatigue is also wiki-defined as, “A lessening in one’s response to or enthusiasm for something, typically as a result of overexposure to it.”

Men in charge have covered up the child abuse crimes of their buddies for too long, as evidenced by another case filed against the Army after the beating death of 5 year old Talia Williams by her military father.

Vagilantes will gladly pay more taxes in court awards to brave mothers. It’s called change. We want the “Army-Today’s Military” to truly represent a world that is safe for children, at least from our own troops.

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