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Suicide is Painless – 34/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 21, 2013

34:52 imageOnce a pedophile, always a pedophile? What’s a guy to do? Stop the pain – stop the pedophile.

A sure way to stop pedophile crimes is suicide. Another way is murder that looks like suicide. Either way, one less child abuser is a threat to our communities.

Recently, there seems to be an increase in reported suicides when pedophiles are arrested. Although some men are waiting until a judge pounds the gavel of conviction and sentencing.

Certainly, there is nothing new about pedophiles opening the dark door to death. Mental health experts have long recognized this common choice. Some of the self-enders were themselves famous experts, like Dr. Melvin Levine who was caught in a CSA lawsuit filed by 40 former patients.

Perhaps we’re seeing more pedo suicides because it is easier to catch child porn collectors, and because more victims are reporting their abuse. We’re opening our eyes to these crimes, so there’s an increase in arrests.

Or, perhaps there are more pedo suicide reports because there’s an increase in the clandestine work of vagilantes.

Reading between the lines of death reports, it’s easy to see how some cases might be skewed in their conclusion. Certainly, it is faster and easier to close a case because of suicide than one of murder – all to the advantage of those who believe in swift and sure justice.

While we’re on the topic of pedophile suicide, it’s a good time to point out the still too common response that law enforcement has to news of a death. They want to close the case.

This was the immediate response to the gun-shot-in-the-field death of Paul Thomas Hildreth, who possessed more than a million images of kiddie porn.

Backtracking from early statements, the local justice department realized what a goldmine of evidence they held. They turned the evidence over to other officials who are continuing the investigation to locate victims and other suspects.

Assuming there are pedophiles who read this blog, we like to give them little gifts. Here’s and inspirational theme song from MASH about the painless choice of suicide. Be sure to follow along with the lyrics.

With hundreds of pedophiles being caught each week, and with too many escaping justice, there’s just too much work for vagilantes. We need you guys to lend a helping hand – find a way to off yourself that doesn’t harm anyone else.

You’ve hurt society by creating victims of your sexual perversion. Enough already.

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