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Shamed Into Suicide – 33/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 15, 2013

2013 news reports indicate that pedophiles chose suicide to stop themselves from sexually harming children. 33:52 imageMaybe they didn’t care so much about the kids, but couldn’t live with shame and punishment deserved for their selfish indulgence.

Dramatic courtroom exits were made by Steven Parsons and his copycat, William Thomas Moore, Jr. Both men, in unassociated trials, popped a successful dose of poison moments after a judge announced their guilty verdicts. This form of speedy justice suggests a new sentencing option program.

Noticeably, last spring, there was a rash of pedophile suicides. Self-killing reports continued to trickle in until another rash broke out this month.

Because of a large number of kiddie porn busts early this year, it’s easy to see why there was a clump of deaths. Is the recent increase in reports of pedophile suicide coincidental? Maybe more pedophiles realize what outcasts they are in our awakening culture. Such long-hidden secret pleasures will no longer be treated with whispers and a wrist-slap.

Timing of the bust is not indicated in cases of men like Jay Thomas Morgan. He waited a year. In July 2012, Dallas TV News 8,  covered Morgan’s arrest. They reported that Johnson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Lt. Tim Jones commented on graphic porn created by Morgan featuring a 7-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl. Jones said:

 “Let your imagination go as deep as you could think, and it would be 100 million times worse than you ever thought of.”

While awaiting trial, Morgan was found in his jail cell this week hung with his shirt. Morgan’s partner in crime, Rosalyn Elizabeth Burdett, should follow his lead. She was also filmed with the kids – her children.

Timing of arrest was slow, yet suicide was quick and sure for Douglas C. Lewis. He had been the target of a child porn investigation for more than a year. Lewis admitted to officers that he had kiddie porn. His home was searched and evidence confiscated.

Perhaps with the long time lag, Lewis thought his problem would blow over. When officers arrived to arrest him, he pulled a gun. Recognizing a suicide-by-cop situation, officers restrained natural urges when he aimed at them. They instructed him several times to ‘drop it,’ and wounded his lower body. Lewis then shot himself in the head.

Desperate measures by desperate men who took a selfish, easy way out. Or, did they?

Continuing the topic of pedophile suicide next week, we’ll take a peek at cases that are labeled suicide but may have been death at the hand of a vagilante. Also on tap is a question about when investigators can close a case after such a suicide. The answer is not clear-cut.

In the meantime, we expect to see more reports of pedophiles dying. We just wish they would do so before touching a child.

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