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Riotous Response – 32/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 8, 2013

What started as a nice official visit between neighbors turned into a royal snafu that left a child rapist free to reoffend for a week, and will possibly allow him to forever thumb his nose at punishment.

2_z084.jpgSpain’s King Juan Carlos reportedly presented Morocco’s King Mohamed VI with a list of prisoners which he wanted released. Such lists are common among governments for humanitarian reasons, and often repay political favors in the incarcerated’s home country.

The King of Morocco didn’t realize what he was stepping into when he pardoned 48 prisoners including the Spanish pedophile, Daniel Galvan Vina. The royal pardon is a stinky, embarrassing, not-yet-over mess that brought enraged citizens into the streets in protest. Those injured in the riots at least know that they have brought government to its knees. They also shined a worldwide spotlight on CSA tourism.

Vina, convicted in 2011 of raping 11 children, ages 4 to15, and creating child porn during assaults. He was sentenced by a Moroccan court to a 30 year prison term.

On July 30, 2013 Vina was again a free man.

Sexual abuse of Moroccan children by foreigners is a hot topic exacerbated by several recent high-profile arrests.

The people of Morocco, who are known to quietly support their leader, screamed that it was unacceptable for Vina to escape punishment. Daily protests across the country have been reported since Vina’s release and continued even after King Mohamed VI backpedaled by rescinding the pardon and issuing an international arrest warrant for the hated pedophile.

Vina was taken into custody again on August 5, at his home in Murcia, Spain. The situation is still sticky and legal details give him comfort.

There are red faces on each side of the border. Both countries now claim a bureaucratic mix-up, and Spain denies creating the list of prisoners to be released. Officials are backtracking earlier statements as rumors fly about Vina’s connection with the Spanish secret service.

Although he is a Spanish national, Vina, (not his real name), is from Iraq, which complicates the extradition order from Morocco. Heads are rolling on the southern side of the fence. The Moroccan prisons chief was fired – a man long-dedicated to the King and to his father before him.

Good neighbors can solve tough problems. They need to see that the head to roll is that of Daniel Galvin Vina. If the governments can’t iron this out, then just release him again. Thanks to every protester, he won’t get far now that he is world-known.

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