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Nasty Comments – 31/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

August 2, 2013

Oklahoma is okay if public comments are any indication of how locals want to punish pedophiles.

Oklahoma Map Flag ShapeIn the spirit of Vagilantes, good neighbors of Harrah, OK handcuffed and held Matthew Riffel until police officers arrived to arrest him for sexually assaulting a child and creating kiddie porn. It’s a heart-warming story of how one person acted after seeing nude photos of a local girl on Riffel’s phone.

Keeping the phone, the witness talked to the girl, and learned about multiple occasions when Riffel had touched her and taken lewd photos. The witness didn’t call the police, but instead confronted Riffel who said the photos could be deleted, and there was no need to worry about it.

The witness was worried and called the sheriff’s office. Neighbors made sure Riffel was restrained and waiting when deputies arrived. Riffel is charged with 35 counts – first-degree rape, possession of child pornography and lewd acts with a child.

Here’s a sprinkling of public comments about the story:

‘Put him on a corner in chains holding a sign stating what he did to a child, again, let the public take care of the heathen. He won’t last long.’

‘Thank God the witness stepped forward.’

‘ …this piece of garbage should be eliminated.’

In a Yukon, OK case this week, Stephen Christensen was charged with sexually abusing a toddler and making kiddie porn. 16,000 porn images were discovered on his computers at home and work.

News9 reported that Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards said, “The acts this man has committed against an innocent child causes me great anguish, and I believe if convicted, this animal should be put away for life.”

Comments on News9 and  reflect a visceral response:

‘why cant we have these kind castrated?’

‘Jail with the general population—they will take care of his kind!’

‘If you are someone that watches and enjoys pornography; then you are contributing to more of this kind of criminal behavior.’

‘What a shame to put this piece of crap in prison to live off the tax payer’s hard earned money! Child Molester’s should all be put to death.That poor child will forever be scarred…’

‘He wouldn’t have needed the OSBI or Canadian County Sheriff’s if he ever did such to my little girl…’

‘…his life needs to (be) made a torture every day for the rest of his life!’

‘I don’t care what anyone says, Child Molesters can NOT be rehabilitated! I believe they should get death!’

‘Let him rot in prison until he meets his maker. I wouldn’t want to be him on Judgement Day! And thank God it wasn’t my child or I would be in prison.’

‘I say brand his face with something… “I scared a child” and let every person that sees him beat him, because givin the chance I would.’

‘Put away for life? NOPE…..If he is convicted, he needs to be strung up from the highest tree in Canadian County! IMMEDIATELY!’

‘He needs to just die over and over again repeatedly by every torture that man can think of.’

‘A BOTTOM FEEDER AT THE LOWEST LEVEL!! A guy who can get his jollies from a child is the most perverted form of human life! These guys should be taken out into a swamp & castrated with a dull knife, ties to a tree, covered in honey & left for nature to deal with. A child has lost their innocence & their ability to trust & will be left with trying to overcome obstacles their entire life. These perps should have their lives forfeited! I hope they turn him out into the general population in the jails & let those guys have at him if he is permitted to live.’

If Riffel or Christensen ever walk free, Vagilantes may find some new volunteers among this group of vocal citizens. Kids in Oklahoma will become safer because of people like you. If you are in a situation to report a pedophile, do it. In the meantime, keep on commenting!

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  1. Mrs. M permalink
    August 2, 2013 7:16 pm

    Funny, that’s where I grew up and where my parents still live.

    • August 8, 2013 4:05 pm

      So glad that you are following. Pedophiles find it easy to hide in most neighborhoods. We’re changing that, aren’t we?

      • Mrs. M permalink
        August 8, 2013 9:05 pm

        You are correct and my stepfather is one of them. That’s why that literally hit home for me. Thanks for posting!

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