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Break the Faith – 30/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

July 26, 2013

If your religion uses such terms, then you have often heard, ‘Keep the faith,’ as encouragement during times of trouble. If the situation is serious, these words carry life-saving weight. Or, they can be as light as saying, ‘Bless you,’ after a sneeze.

‘Keep the faith,’ is the wrong thing to say when demanding obedience. There was something too self-serving, cruel and perhaps threatening in this phase when it came from the mouth of Bishop Michael Malone.

30:52 imageBishop Malone’s message was clear when he made a phone call to a man identified as AH – the first witness to give testimony against a pedophile priest in a recent hearing. The justice proceedings included coverup allegations against the Catholic Church for hiding the sexual abuse of AH by priests James Fletcher and Denis McAlinden.

AH rightfully questioned the Bishop’s advice – a phrase twisted backwards, and aided by smoke and mirrors. The church, not a religious follower, needs to keep the faith. With demands of allegiance and blind faith, the church has failed to protect their own kids – the future of the church.

Children are deep believers of whatever they are taught. Such innocent acceptance can be exploited. It makes them easy targets for sexual abusers in hierarchic leadership roles. All houses of worship are common camouflage for CSA.

It’s good to see that people are taking a closer look at faith, and finding it does not live exclusively behind big heavy doors.

Such doors are being nudged open by the Klokk Foundation in the Nederlands. They have set up a website, and invited Catholic clergy to confess any CSA involvement with their flock.

The site, which can be used anomalously, is not meant to trap church leaders. It is a sincere attempt to locate victims and off them counseling help. This effort may lead to more accurate statics and better programs to serve the abused.

Gosh, why didn’t the Catholic Church think about such a service for their damaged parishioners? Were they were too busy hiding the truth?

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