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Pause to Praise Progress – 26/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

June 27, 2013

It’s been a tough 26 weeks.

Every post you read here is backed by hours of sifting through daily reports of real life tragedy – innocent children who are sexually exploited by adults pretending at love.

There are also adults who aren’t in the game to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Their thrills are from making big bucks off the little backs of babes.

It’s heartbreaking to read raw news about the pain and suffering being caused by pedophiles and profiteers. This year, hundreds of thousands of children have been groomed, seduced, photographed, kidnapped, raped, sexually tortured and enslaved. Their lives are dark and confused. No exaggeration. It continues.

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This week, Vagilantes takes a deep breath and pauses with gratitude for the progress we’ve made in 2013.

It’s becoming harder for pedophiles to hide. Real Vagilantes are quietly dealing with child sexual abusers who slip through cracks in the justice system.

Fallout from the Sandusky case has fueled CSA awareness in ways no public interest campaign would have achieved. People are now talking above a whisper about this disturbing topic, especially in locker rooms and places of worship.

The prevalence of pedophiles in every place children commonly go is now openly acknowledged. Coverups are more likely to surface, and result in greater punishments, than was the norm just a short time ago.

Improved technology and training has helped volunteers and officials to rescue more sexually abused kids who were discovered in porn. Tomorrow, only the foolish, the desperate and the self-entitled will dare to risk finding CSA porn online. If the Feds don’t find the perverts first, their friends or family will turn them in.

New laws swept through 2013 state legislatures empowering CSA victims to tell their truth in court where old statute of limitations had slammed shut doors to justice.

New prevention programs have been funded by private donors, corporations and government agencies. Old programs are scrambling to keep up with the demand for information and fresh solutions.

International internet giants, like Google, have finally made serious commitments to blocking online kiddie porn. It will be fascinating to see how they use their power to plug the holes where pedophiles meet ‘n feed each other.

There’s some news we’d like to see. Where are the reports about education programs for men who are attracted to children? Who is finding real solutions to stopping the pedophiles instead of putting the burden on parents, childcare providers and kids? We know the electronic tracking devices and sexual assault registries are weak deterrents. We need new answers to an age-old problem.

Twenty-two fresh CSA news reports arrived today in our inbox. Vagilantes have more work to do, but it was invigorating to pause for a few minutes and reflect on the progress that dedicated people have made in the first half of 2013. Tell a positive story if you have one to share.

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