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Text Like a Kid – 25/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

June 17, 2013

What more is a mother to do?

25:52 imageShe had clearly warned her 11 year old daughter that a Facebook account was not allowed. Late one night she saw a FB message arriving on the kid’s phone. Red flag #1. Searching deeper she learned the booty-calling new friend was a 23 year old man who also had the girl’s phone number. Red flag #2.

After some serious WTF questions directed at her daughter, this mom took a big step and called the pedophile. He tried to wiggle his way out by pretending to be his 15 year old, (nonexistent), brother. Mom confirmed the man knew her daughter’s age, and told him never to contact the child again.

Mom called the police. They said she didn’t have  enough evidence for them to get involved. Mom knew if the law wasn’t going to help protect her daughter, she would have to do it herself as a real Vagilante.

This pedophile wasn’t ready to let go of his target. He kept on calling/texting, charming and grooming until he clearly asked for sex and spread-legged closeup photos. He didn’t know that the person answering his love notes was now the mother, texting as her daughter.

When he asked for a sexy picture of his dream girl, mom photographed a Target ad of a young woman in a bra and sent it. When he asked to see a picture of the girl’s vagina, the mother answered, “You first.” The desperate pervert sent images of a nude body, with an erection, but not showing a face.

This still wasn’t enough for the police who needed to know for sure who was sending the messages.

Mom went back to texting like a kid. She asked for a photo of his face. He sent one.

Now the mom had something more solid, than just photos of his penis, to give to the police. Michael Jerome Bradley was arrested last week in his St. Petersburg home.

This strong mother is likely to do everything she can to put him in prison, without his phone. We wish her additional success.

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  1. June 20, 2013 7:52 am

    Hey have u ever thought of pretending to be a teen online and tracking down these pedophiles?

    • June 20, 2013 9:27 am

      Trained professionals and dedicated volunteers are doing this every day, world-wide. Thousands of dumb and desperate child-rapists are caught with their pants down, instead of meeting the kid they’ve been grooming on the web. (BTW, these government programs and private organizations need increased funding and people-power. There are more leads than they can follow with current resources.)

      Pretending to be a teen – or in this case, and 11 year old – is nothing to mess with unless you’re put in a bad spot, like this alert mother. The justice system didn’t follow the “hot” lead so she stepped into a dangerous situation with love and guts.

      • June 20, 2013 9:30 am

        Well the mother did the right thing catching the perv

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