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Teach Sex-Ed in China – 23/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

June 4, 2013

Chances are that you know someone who spent time in China teaching English. This field of work overflows with foreigners. It’s a common ticket to travel in such an exotic country while earning a few Renminbi.

Here’s a fresh idea for making money in China: teach sex-ed to kids. This field is HOT.

China Flag in Map Silhouette IllustrationChinese officials are trying to suppress a public uprising against pedophiles. In the last three weeks, the media has reported nine major cases of CSA, affecting 30 children. Such reports are scandalous in a culture where the topic is usually only spoken in whispers and infrequently prosecuted.

People have taken to the streets and their Internet screens to protest the light-handed treatment of pedophiles.

Among the offenders is a primary school principal and another official who allegedly treated six girls, ages 11-13, to a night of drunken karaoke that climaxed in a hotel room.

The Chinese government allowed media reports of the story, yet they are restricting public response. The parents of the girls are forbidden to hire lawyers.

State media, expressing a strong stance against CSA crimes, pointed to a recent execution of a school teacher who raped six girls, 9 and 10 years old, while videotaping to create kiddie porn.

In honor of Children’s Day, June l, President Xi Jinping tried to reassure his people with firm comments and by wearing a red scarf of the Communist Party’s Young Pioneers.

Two days later, a survey was released that touts 93.1% of parents want the government to include CSA prevention education in the school system. Such classes are basic and too rare. The survey indicates that most parents also need instruction and support.

It was just more posturing and bad news for some people. With a clever yet dark message Ye Haiyan, a 38 year old activist, protested with at sign aimed at the primary school principal: ‘If you want to get a room,’ (a euphemism for having sex), ‘call me and leave the children alone.’

The phrase and news of the arrest sparked a fire storm for hundreds of Chinese men and women, including some judicial system employees. They posted photographs of themselves – some in nude provocative poses – holding banners with the same message. Kudos for these brave people, some of whom are now being “visited” by government goons. Read more here about Ye Haiyan’s dedication, arrest and beating.

There may be a pattern in the government-reported CSA cases. Those most-reported all list six girls being assaulted. Does this have anything to do with the lore of ancient Chinese superstition around numbers? Akin to 40 virgins in some other culture? Let’s not go there. Let’s stay focused on teaching children about their bodies and boundaries.

Who is going to instruct them? It’s a hot time for teaching sex-ed in China. This may be a lucrative option for your travel adventures – pedophiles are advised not to apply.

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  1. June 7, 2013 10:49 am

    I really hate when government does nothing to stop these predators,The same corruption goes on in India too!

    • June 7, 2013 11:04 am

      It’s always good to hear from you, Ryan. You are right about the heart-breaking way that too many children are raped in India. It’s one of the tourist-trap markets for kiddie-sex. India is going through serious transition. The world is changing toward a time more kids will be informed and protected. Thanks, to people like you who speak up in various ways.

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