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Mickey Mouse Justice – 20/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

May 15, 2013

Today, Rev. Cedric Cuthbert was charged with accessing child porn on the same computer he uses to write his sermons for the St. James AME Church  in Sanford, Florida. That’s bad.

Disney Mickey Mouse Postage StampRev. Cuthbert was arrested for viewing kiddie porn at a Disney World’s Port Orleans Resort where he worked. That’s extra bad.

On April 24, Disney’s software alarm reported Rev. Cuthbert was watching young girls having sex. Not satisfied, he had encouraged the girls to give him a bit more action.

This stuff makes Mickey mad. It’s not smart to mess with Mr. Mouse.

Disney fired him. Rev. Cuthbert wrote a please-forgive-me letter – standard tactic when your sins are exposed. Disney is not in the business of forgiving ex-employees who are dangerous to their business model.

Hum-m-m, what else was happening between April 24, and today? Why the delay in filing charges? We’ll never know all that goes on behind the Disney curtains.

This great company knows that where there are kids, it takes extra care to weed out the pedophiles.

Maybe more churches are learning this lesson too. Or, are they still trying to keep such news quiet as a church mouse?

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