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Manly Steps Forward – 19/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

May 13, 2013

Short and sweet: watch this powerful video of Jackson Katz. Businessman

For those who are irritated – like me – whenever they are told to watch a video without any other information about why they should hit the link, here’s something more.

The video, from TEDx FiDiWomen, is about violence in our society. Katz, of MVP Strategies, is passionate, profound and prophetic in his vision of how to dissolve violence, including child sexual abuse. Men can learn how to step up in everyday situations.

If you want to dig deeper, after watching the video, you can quickly read: Ten things men can do to prevent gender violence.

Short and sweet. Just a few words here that can help to make a world of difference. It’s up to us to step forward.

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