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April 4, 2013

Emily (Amy) Pike is an exceptionally courageous woman who lives among and loves the children of Jamaica. She wrote Justice in Chains, a poem/song published below. Perhaps someday she will make a video of singing these words. If so, you can be sure we want to see it here.

Emily points to the lack of cultural protection that allows pedophiles to abuse without punishment. Read more about about what she sees in and earlier post: A Vagilante Screams.

Jamaican Flag on faceAmong Emily’s concerns is the failure to implement legislation passed in 2010, intended to create a sexual offenders registry in Jamaica. A registry could also notify the public of child sexual offenders who are deported back to Jamaica after breaking CSA laws in other countries. Legislation which is not applied is worthless. Emily is not comforted by the phrase, “Soon come.”

Just scratching the surface of her one-world concerns is the fact that agencies like TSA screens for shampoo and such, but doesn’t stop registered sex offenders from taking pedophile-pleasure trips to other countries like Jamaica.


by Emily (Amy) Pike

Justice is a lady in chains here

Where monsters and molesters go free

And children have a reason to fear

That’s not the way it’s supposed to be

Sometimes it’s sad that even a mother can be bought

And the stacks of money make a boy’s cries ignored.

And a man can be freed who once was caught

And a rapist goes to rape again, good lord!

So while this predator roams free to hurt again

Warn the little ones to take care what taxi they get in

Because a battymon is free on the West End of Negril

Who will rape children until he’s had his fill.

Monsters who harm the littles ones

Don’t do it only once, but repeat their acts

Their reign of evil terror runs and runs

So spread the word and get out the facts

Some say vigilante justice is wrong

I say justice is crying and the children are bleeding

So ring the bell and sound the gong

Such heartbreak we need to stop feeding.

And this we do each time we turn away

Each time we deny what is right in our face

But lady justice is screaming today

And wants to be restored to her rightful place.

END – read other pieces on VagilantesPress

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