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Veteran Power – 11/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

March 14, 2013

We expect a lot from our members of the military. When they are on active duty, we expect them to complete their missions – sometimes at the cost of their lives.

When they come back home, as veterans we expect them to be productive well-adjusted citizens.

Most of them step up to this challenge. They go on to solve problems at home as firefighters, police officers and other professions that require continuing sacrifice and risk.

Here’s a shining example of veterans – wounded warriors – who will be a part of a new project that asks them to do another filthy job.

11:52 WSP image

The National Association to Protect Children announced a million dollar donation that launched HERO Child Rescue Crew – HERO is Human Exploitation Rescue Operation. In the initial 5-year phase, at a cost of ten million dollars, 200 new jobs will be created in cooperation with the Wounded Warrior Project.

These heroes will be trained to fight cyber child porn at the Weiss Center for Child Rescue and Protection. They may have access to Titan, the fasted computer in the world.

Their work will be innovative, dynamic and bold, but we worry about their mental health because of the raw, heartbreaking images and assaults they must view. The cumulative impact is a lot to ask anyone to take on. These veteran specialists will receive regular counseling. They will be in good hands with such astute and progressive organizations. Still, it’s a lot to ask even the strongest of the strong.

Sexually abused children will be found and rescued – their abusers blown to smithereens by wounded men and women dedicated to another of the toughest jobs on earth.

Pedophiles, be afraid. Very afraid. It’s war!

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  1. Nancy DeKlyn permalink
    March 17, 2013 7:46 am

    Sounds like a very worthwhile project. My only concern is many of these brave folks come back from war with PTSD. Is there screening for that? As you said, the work they will be doing is rough. Also rewarding, I’m sure. But there will surely be cases that will trigger PTSD. How is that being addressed? Nancy

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