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Push Him Under a Lorry – 8/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

February 19, 2013

“Congratulations, you’ve got a best answer…” said in a surprising email I received this week. I had left a comment on Yahoo! Answers in response to the fears of a teenage boy who had been propositioned at a public park by a “strange old man in a wheel chair going around talking to other teenagers.”

I celebrated my “best answer” for a few minutes, until I noticed my recognition was weakly based on only one vote. Whatever, I’ll take it.

I reread my advice and saw that I had fallen into a common trap of only supporting the victim and saying nothing about stopping the pedophile. (Yes, I know the refined definition of pedophile is limited to prepubescent, but I’m generalizing here.)

Generally, the teenager was feeling upset and paranoid after this old guy in the park rolled over to him and asked a few questions. His last question was, “Can I suck your dick?”

The teenager walked away, then filed a police report. An officer said they’d had other complaints about the same guy and brushed it off as a mental condition. (Duh!) It seems the serious, official report will simply be ignored. The kid was left traumatized and scared.

My answer to the teenager was supportive, but fell far short of helping to solve a problem for him and other kids who have contact with this nasty reoffending creep.

We’ve all known or heard of guys like this. We call them characters and avoid being around them. We’re happy to hear the news when they’ve moved out of our neighborhood. Why do we call them harmless? What do they do after we turn away? Likely, they ask, or perhaps use force, to have sex with someone else. Just because they are no longer our problem, doesn’t mean they are a problem to be ignored.

I will pass my claim to fame for a “best answer” to someone who posted as James.

bigstock-handicapped-person-on-a-wheelc-17173505He wrote: “well clearly this man is a threat not just to you but to every under age persona round and he must be stopped, first go up to him and say you’d like to show him a bumpy ride, then take his wheel chair and walk with him, describing how he’ll be dazed after being hit by such an impressive force, then when you reach the motorway push him under a lorry.”

I can’t contact James to pass on the Yahoo! points. But, I can offer more suggestions for the teenager.

Plan a campaign to stop this guy. Print a flyer about what happened to you. Include the pedophile’s photo. Pass it around at the park or wherever you see him. Call a news reporter and tell your story. Stand beside the man with an alarming sign that says he asked you for sex.

I know, these suggestions will likely put an innocent kid in embarrassingly difficult, if not dangerous, situations. What else can he do?

Something must be done. It’s easy to find a fast-moving lorry.

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  1. February 20, 2013 9:59 am

    Pushing him under a lorry? Uh… That would too quick! It would be better to push under an upcoming train!!! 😉

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