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Prepare for Sob Stories – 2/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

January 11, 2013

A prediction for 2013: There will be a rash of sob stories about mistreated pedophiles who are “trapped” in the justice system. Prepare yourself. Toughen up. Read about these child abusers with a clear mind instead of only through sad tears.

Compassion, the glue of a healthy society, is needed to stop pedophiles – so are harder lines of acceptable behavior, drawn along with new treatment modalities.

Week two of this series directly relates to last week’s post about busting online child porn collectors. It’s about what can happen after arrest, even when there is no proof of direct child sexual abuse.

Rachel Aviv presents a perfect example in her well-researched article titled, The Science of Sex Abuse, published in the January 14, 2013, edition of The New Yorker.

>>>HEADS UP, CHILD PORN LOVERS: You’ll want to read this and see where your sickness can lead.<<<

Rachel Aviv questions: “Is it right to imprison people for heinous crimes they have not yet committed?” Like a good journalist, she doesn’t answer the question in this heart-tugging story about John. (John’s last name is not disclosed to save his family from exposure. This seems like another way of covering up a problem.)

John, a passionate child porn collector, was arrested in 1998 when he made an online connection and showed up for a hope-to-have-sex date with a supposed 14 year old and her sister. Both women were FBI officers.

John pled guilty and was sentenced to fifty-three months in federal prison. He’s stumbled through the system, unable to control or break his addiction – without access to kiddie porn in prison, he’s drawn images of men having sex with children. John is still incarcerated, without a release date, under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.

The derided Adam Walsh Act is the best tool we now have to keep people like John off the streets, and from acting on his expansive fantasies. After almost twelve years in prison, John has dug himself deeper into a fantasy world instead of working toward his freedom. Aviv details how his few current options are not promising.

You will see more sob stories that tip the blame from the pedophile to our over-incarcerating justice system. It doesn’t provide real and timely help, leading to mental health and release from prison.

I agree. It’s a broken system as Aviv details with some therapy reminiscent of Clockwork Orange. Until it’s fixed, we must be firm with men like John. He’s in the safest place possible – safest for children, and that is the point.

It will be a process of hit and miss, but I believe we’re on the way to developing better treatment programs to help pedophiles grow beyond their obsessions. Contrary to the position of many experts that pedophilia is a life-long condition, Aviv reports it’s too soon to give up on a search for solutions.

If you have a good idea about rehibilitation, let’s hear it. Comments are open, or privately use the Contact link. Vagilantes welcomes proposals for a guest-post.

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