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Google Alerts – One Painful Week

August 28, 2012

Vagilantes subscribes to Google Alerts – pedophiles, child sexual abuse and child porn. Taking a closer look, we sifted through heart-wrenching reports and distilled them into 119 individual, newly reported cases in only seven days.

We all know, although we may not like to realize, that these 119 new cases are just sprinkles in the storm of child sexual abuse happening every week.

These cases represent just one individual, with commonly several, if not dozens, of kids behind each story. They represent hundreds of thousands of child porn images downloaded. (One case was 35,000+ images downloaded in only two months.)

These images are actual photos/videos of babies/children being sexually abused.

Child porn collectors are the same men who are grooming kids on their computers. One of the 119 new cases this week was a girl murdered after meeting a groomer online – not as rare a story as we might wish it to be.

So, why would we spend time reading about such an ugly world? We wanted to tell you how these men, (four were women), organized their lives so they might have access to your children.

These men are fathers, boyfriends, priests, teacher-of-the-year, security guard at mental health facility, nice neighbor, “boy” online, elementary school principal, Baptist pastor, camp counselor, LDS missionary, friendly guy at the park, teacher’s aide, policeman, school resource officer, rabbi, babysitter, father of kid’s friends, uncle, school custodian and the guy in the grocery store aisle.

Whoa! That’s like…just about anyone. Yes, it is. You must pay attention. You must educate yourself and your children. Be brave enough to ask questions when you have that heavy, swirling feeling in your gut about someone who has access to your child. You know the feeling. Don’t ignore it.

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