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New Vagilantes Target?

July 16, 2012

Andrew Goodman should lace up his running shoes and practice looking over his shoulder. There may be a mob of Vagilantes ready to chase him when he is released as early as September, after serving the remainder of a shockingly short 2-year sentence, handed down on July 13, in Brooklyn, NY.

Goodman pleaded guilty to a 48-count indictment of sexually molesting two brothers for four years, beginning when the oldest was 13 and his brother only 11.

We have good reason to believe that Goodman does not regret his pedophile adventures. During the sentencing hearing he said, “Every second of every day, all that I think about is [the victim].” Then he turned to the now 17 year old victim and said: “I love you.”

The judge said Goodman’s words were ill-advised, and locked him up for a good, long time…well really only until the next school sessions start this Fall, because Goodman gets credit for time already served.

Look out boys! This man hasn’t learned his lesson, but he’ll be back on the streets soon.

Doesn’t it turn your stomach?


UPDATE: July 25, 2012, Andrew Goodman was arrested on federal charges of transporting a minor in interstate commerce to engage in sexual activity. (Maybe Goodman will not be back on the streets as soon as he expected.)

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