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Brazen pedophile shops for kids– shocking video– he’s free on bail

May 21, 2012

This story is all over the news. The question we ask is, “What is Jonathan Davis doing right now?”

Only two months ago Jonathan Davis was arrested for performing a sex act in front of a minor. (This was not his first arrest for a similar offense.) He has been arrested again after attempting to lure children inside a Burlington Coat Factory. Surveillance video from this store and other stores clearly show his tactics.

Unbelievable – a judge has allowed Jonathan Davis to walk free on bail! The video of this man in action implies that the thrill of the hunt – and his sexual desires for a child – is stronger that any fear Davis may have of being caught again and facing more charges.

Read more on The Imperfect Parent site, including:

In the March 24 video, which takes place between clothing racks in the KMart while the girl’s guardian shops nearby, Davis tells the young girl that his private parts are “itchy” and starts rubbing them, according to the report.

The report says that the girl continued to talk to Davis, and told him to cover it or go to the bathroom and put water on it.

According to the report, the guardian calls the girl away, but Davis attempts to relocate her.  After he finds the girl, he starts to talk to her about his private parts again.

The report says that the video ends with the frustrated girl telling Davis, ”Oh, just put it away already, I don’t want to see it,” and hiding her face in a Dr. Seuss hat.

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