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A Vagilante screams…

April 5, 2012

Some Vagilantes don’t act outside the law, but they do act outside of acceptable cultural boundaries when they scream bloody murder.

A brave example is Dr. Sandra A. Knight who spoke up, with horrific details, about babies/children being brought to her after they were sexually abused – sometimes the abuse led to death.

Ok, it’s true that Dr Knight works in Jamaica. This likely isn’t your country, but it is your world. The reports she has made are mirrored by abuse to children who live closer to you than you might want to admit.

The emotionally-moving stories, and the public response after this scream for help, are not repeated here. You can follow the link. (Warning of graphic details.)

Thank you Jamaica Observer, reporter Ingrid Brown, and Dr. Knight for speaking loud enough that your voice has been heard around the world. In no culture is such abuse acceptable, yet it happens every day and too close to home.

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