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Build it, and they will protest…

March 25, 2012

The fakery of  Dance Moms “reality TV” ramped up their sexuality exploitive images of eight-year old girls until viewers protested. The grossly offending episode was pulled from reviewing – after the program had aired.

There is so much wrong about this program, as Jennifer Lance concisely addresses in her Eco Child’s Play post:

How can we believe that the Dance Moms production team had any other purpose but to keep pushing the story line until viewers objected – a guaranteed way to build ratings. Cat-fighting moms, and the stressful tears of little girls in bump ‘n grind competition, wasn’t ugly enough entertainment for the producers.  Shame on them for this cheap shot at a paycheck bonus. They used pedophile-attracting children as the target and some little girls, in real life, are bound to be hit.

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