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One man’s view as a Vagilante

March 12, 2012

David Holthouse understands the visceral urge to murder. Raped at seven by a teenage family friend, he hid his secret for 25 years. When they met again, as adults, his heart held only one answer to relieve his festering pain – kill the bogeyman.

He planned every detail, including the exact number of bullets David was going to shoot into his rapist. He even had the inside of his street-hot gun barrel defaced to avoid ballistic tracing. His plans were spoiled, the rapist walked free and David was arrested – although not for the reasons you might imagine.

I heard David’s story yesterday on This American Life, presented by Ira Glass on PRI. His original telling was through an explosive Westword feature published May 13, 2004. (Don’t you dare think of this as old news! It’s as fresh as today’s headlines.)

Thanks to Westword, for permission to link David’s powerful story:

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