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Not a Soft Landing

December 9, 2016

Three years ago, Vagilantes took a leap toward a new project to help stop sexual abuse of children. (See the prior post of December 30, 2013.) We were well positioned to make the jump into 2014. Unexpectedly, we landed in a bit of muck which delayed our plans.

Our mission remains. We expect to revive Vagilantes during 2017. Please stand by for an announcement.

Thanks and a big hug to you for whatever you are now doing to combat CSA. Stay strong in the New Year!

Positive Vibrations – 52/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 30, 2013

52:52 image

We’re at the end of this 1/52 series. It’s been a rewarding year. Big changes are ahead for Vagilantes. We are leaping into 2014. Jump with us.

For 52 weeks we’ve responded to real, heartbreaking news stories of innocent children being used for sexual gratification and perverted financial gain.

Our series presented snarky and hateful suggestions meant to spark conversation and action. A small sample:

Suicide is PainlessSave the Dicks,  Set Your SitesDump a Dishonorable DadNo Dearth of Deaths, and one that even shocked us, Booby Trap Infant Sex Dolls.

As gratifying as it is to our visceral need to bury pedophiles, these sensational topics are not an elixir for progress.

In the 1/52 series, there were also serious posts recognizing people who step forward into dangerous situations, and people who work full time to educate and protect kids. For example:

Fly White BalloonsTake the Plunge and Be Empowered.

These people are inspirational. Vagilantes feel deep gratitude for volunteers and dedicated professionals who spend their lives helping in every way they can. CSA organizations and programs are increasing in mass and visibility. We are not experts in this field. We’ve promoted the agendas of such groups with short, too brief posts about their work.

We empathize with individuals who take rash action against pedophiles in moments of passion. It’s important to share and learn from their stories. Vagilantes is not a source for quality journalism that digs deeply to expose family and community shame.

It would be relatively easy to continue our theme with 1/52 More Ways to Stop Pedophiles, but that’s not thinking big enough.

This year, we asked ourselves big questions:

What can Vagilantes do that no one else is doing? How do we fill a void?

– Instead of slamming pedophiles, who can we touch with an offer to help them change an obsession?

How can Vagilantes turn ugly, gut reactions to CSA reality into positive vibrations?

Where are better answers to stop pedophiles?

Vagilantes already know the when and why of our dilemma. The “when” is now, because children are damaged every day. The “why” is because we are not going to turn away from our mission.

Details for the next Vagilantes project are being refined, thanks to inspiration and research.We have a direction and are excited about announcing new plans. You will be able to help with this fresh venture.

Don’t miss out on the news:

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2013 was an earth shaking year of progress in stopping pedophiles. Creeps were uncovered in record numbers and children rescued. Traditional challenges morphed into new ways for kids to be exploited with technology – on the flip side; technology is providing precise detection and proof of CSA needed in the justice system.

Vagilantes are proud to have played a small part in this forward movement. We expect greater success stories in 2014. Soon, we will introduce our innovative project. Please, take a leap with us into a happy new year.

Be Empowered – 51/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 26, 2013

51:52 imageSometimes empowered people use their voice to make a difference in the world. Sometimes they use their hands to stop the damage they see. Sometimes they just need to feel empowered enough to call for help.

Vagilantes everywhere can become more empowered after listening to an inspiring interview with Mike Dilbeck titled Don’t be a Bystander – presented by the Good Life Project and hosted by Jonathan Fields.

The interview details Dilbeck’s mission to help people become more reactive when they witness painful acts like bullying, hazing, alcohol/drug abuse, discrimination and sexual abuse or assault. One of his tools is the Response Ability Project. The project offers a wealth of information and inspiration.

In the Good Life Project interview Dilbeck talks about bystander behavior and its various repercussions. He points to Penn State as a perfect example of multilayered bystander resistance to stop a crime. Many people had enough reasons to stop Sandusky long before his name became a brand of shame for the university. (Listen to another Dilbeck interview on NPR about the Penn State sex abuse scandal – embedded on the bottom of the page.)

Making a choice to become involved in protecting children has been one of the primary messages in our 1/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles series. Each week in 2013 we shared stories about people stepping outside their own comfort zone to help kids. They didn’t all become public heroes. Some went about doing the right thing quietly.

The Response Ability Project never tells anyone what they should do. They support individuals in making their own decisions. In the same way, Vagilantes has tried to raise your awareness and assure you that you are not along in demanding justice.

Mike Dilbeck is an everyday hero. Get to know him better, and learn from his example and instruction. You will meet a greater part of yourself.

Pause to Giggle – 50/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 17, 2013

This week, Vagilantes takes a pause from the heartbreaking reality of CSA to enjoy a chuckle.

Well intentioned British teachers evacuated 60 kids from their swimming pool locker room because they believed a pedophile was hiding inside.

50:52 imageThe kids’ changing room was not the scene of a crime. The man-in-hiding proved to be only a fake leg left behind by someone while using the swimming pool.

It’s always good to ask whose feet are under the curtains. And, it’s good to laugh at life’s little mistakes.

Believe the Boys – 49/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 5, 2013

49:52 imageThere’s a revolution building. It is soldiered by men who were sexually abused as boys. These men will change the world. They are claiming their manhood, expressing emotional pain and raising their voices against pedophiles.

These men are teaching boys that silence and shame are not the only answers to sexual grooming and blackmail.

As with all revolutions, this one is will become more ugly before life gets better. We’re seeing the beginning of it now with fresh reports daily that rock the foundations of our childcare, education and justice systems.

Religious leaders are being brought to their knees and paying a heavy price for their superior attitude toward damaged, innocent children. Abusers who hunt boys for sport will not be allowed to hide their crimes in locker rooms.

Incestuous family secrets are leaking. Moms are now refusing to cover up or clean up the mess.

We believe the boys, including those who were harmed decades ago.

This change is the force that will also stop the victimization of girls. Go for it guys! Speak up!

Most childhood secrets about sexual abuse are a story told from a place of darkness. Men, you are not alone. There is a brighter future ahead. Help is available 24/7. Be a part of the revolution.

Take some inspiration from Raymond Tucker who spoke through this short poem: (Youtube version)

Last night I had a dream

Of a long forgotten place,

As it started coming back to me

Sadness filled my face;

I saw a little boy

Who did not understand,

What was being done to him

At his father’s hand;

With nowhere else to run

And no place to hide,

He built himself a box

Deep inside his mind;

Inside the box he went

Where no one else could see,

And there he stayed content in peace

For eternity;

As the world around him changed

And everybody grew,

He remained inside the box

And no one ever knew;

I walked up to the box

To take a look inside,

And tell the little boy

There was no need to hide;

Tears are running down my face now

I could not bear to see,

For when I looked inside the box

All I saw was me.

Raymond climbed out of his box and dedicated his life to helping other men who have suffered from CSA. You can read more of his poems and essays in Mind Guards the Gate.

Vagilantes has found that most men, like Raymond, who have admitted their abuse are willing to talk with other men who are searching for help. There are a growing number of organizations that serve male victims/survivors:

1in6 is an organization that takes its name from research that indicates one in six boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18. They emphasize privacy and self-pacing for the process of dealing with CSA trauma. Parents, family members and loved ones will also find help from this progressive resource.

Men Thriving is an informal online peer-support option. Just guys talking with guys – no resources for spouses, friends or family.

Male Survivor offers a wide range of programs, including an international directory of support.

Oprah Winfrey helped men take a giant step forward with one of her TV programs where 200 men  stood together to reveal they were molested.

We believe these men who were damaged as boys have a lot to teach us. We believe they have started a revolution to raise the standard of living for every child. Carry on, men.

Talk Bigger – 48/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

December 1, 2013

When a man talks big, he needs to be able to fill the shoes he claims are his size. Thaddeus Matthews advertises that he is “The Baddest Man on the Radio!”  He loves to attract controversy, but he isn’t carrying the load he created when he posted child porn during a radio show.

48:52 imageMatthews was indicted this week on three felony counts for posting an image of a girl under five years of age having sex with a man. The photo received intended attention for the sensationalist radio talk show host. Now, he faces a max of 30 years behind bars.

‘No fair,’ Matthews claims. Although he admits posting the image, he says he wasn’t the only one. His they-are-picking-on-me defense doesn’t cause Vagilantes to offer sympathy for his predicament.

He insists that he posted the image in an attempt to identify the man and to locate the child. This could have been done by cropping the photo to include only the man’s face.

Vagilantes has not seen the photo, so we can’t give detailed criticism about how it was presented. But, the topic at hand is not about the posting, it’s about how Matthews has responded to his arrest.

He’s let his ego trump his position of strength. It’s great that this shock-jock has a mic. It’s power in his hands. Unfortunately, he’s using his platform to wallow in self-pity and point to political conspirators.

Talk bigger, Thaddeus. It’s been a terrible week for you, and your legal process will be a nightmare, but you can turn this situation around.

The indictment is not about your position on a sales tax increase. It’s about the exploitation of kids for the sexual pleasure of adults. It’s about you knowingly using this child’s abuse to titillate your fans. It’s about being a bigger man. Make a bigger apology.

Back off of your poor-me ploy and use this opportunity to excite your listeners on the topic of pedophiles. You claim to be the baddest man… There are child abusing men who are truly bad. Use your voice to help stop them. People are listening.

Be Socially Connected – 47/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

November 26, 2013

Online social relationships can be tricky. Connecting thru keyboards might lead 47:52 imageto learning more than you really want to know. Or, it may take you exactly where you intend to go.

Shannon Leigh Moy learned his Facebook friend was not as friendly as he expected. Moy posted depraved images of kiddie porn and hoped to receive such titillating gifts in return.

Moy’s online buddy was deeply disturbed by photos of a naked man having sex with a girl who appeared to be about seven years old. He shot back a quick ‘You’re a sick fuck’ message and went directly to the police – good move. His post and a subsequent search warrant took Moy offline… probably not for long enough.

Who needs friends? Omegle has based their business model on chatting with strangers. Page one, they have a no-no message for perverts with an 18+ only option. (Yeah, like kids will never use that button.)

Kristopher K. Sims, 30, was busted while pretending to be 14. Among his crimes was posting images of a man having sex with a girl younger than four. Omegle turned him in. Omegle and other online chatmills like Tinychat and Chatroulette didn’t plan to go into the pedophile-monitoring business. Guess it comes with the trade – until they find a way to stop it.

Social gaming also has it’s share of losers. Xbox Live was an open window to a 10-year old boy for Scott Anthony Estes. The boy didn’t like the games proposed by his new playmate, and he told his dad about the slimy messages. Dad did the right thing. Officials found Estes had other kids on the hook. The young boys had sent nude photos to the prev who prefers 3-8 year olds. Estes posted images of himself having sex with children. It’s time to pull the plug on him.

In the last few days, Microsoft has cracked down on Xbox cursing. We hope to see more news of f’n Xbox cracking down on soliciting kids for sex.

Child sexual abusers rely on a network of conspirators to feed their obsessions. Beyond common locker-room talk, pedophiles love to share their trophies of kids caught in a net that should be a safe place to play.

Google is building safeguards against people like Raul Gonzales  who uploaded over 3,000 images of CSA, including one of his own victims, a nine-year old.

There’s nothing unusual about Gonzales. He’s just one of those boys who like to brag. He’s another example of why Google and Microsoft have stepped up their global CSA monitoring programs.

Changes are happening. We are stopping more pedophiles… at least, we are arresting more of them. It’s not the final answer to CSA, but we’ll take it and move forward.

Be more socially connected:

1. Rise up when you see possible or certain child sexual abuse.

2. Share this post with your online friends.

3. Give yourself a warm hug from Vagilantes. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. Make only good memories.

Bag the Braggart – 46/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

November 14, 2013

Girls are warned early that boys like to brag about their sexual experience, even when it is nonexistent. Pedophiles also practice this common exercise of ego boosting.

46:52Bragging serves a special purpose for child molesters. It helps to identify other members of their tribe, and maybe connect them with a new source of kiddie porn or live kids. It’s a grooming tool used with adults who might have access to whatever thrills the seeker wants.

Recently, “Joe” contacted Vagilantes and told us about his coworker, at a kids after-school program, who often brags about how much little girls love him and how sexy they can be. The coworker is grooming Joe. He’s fishing for a response to learn if Joe might like to play the same sick games he does. (Joe was advised to report the conversations to the police, and to his employer. Knowing the employer might not take the report seriously, Vagilantes recommended reporting to more than one place to help close the cracks that pedophiles slip through.)

Braggarts aren’t the brightest bulbs. They can fail to read how other people are receiving their nasty tales. Big mistake.

Ryan Firoved  was also grooming when he told his girlfriend that he had sex with a 12-year old girl. His girlfriend told the police.

Firoved, a convicted child rapist and married father, continued to brag about his history of sex with other young girls. He pushed his girlfriend to allow him access to her nine year old daughter. When Firoved arrived at a motel expecting to have sex with the girl, police were waiting on the other side of the door. He’s now sentenced to 10 more years in prison.

If Firoved continues to brag while he’s in the big house, he may meet the same fate as Mitchell Harrison. The 23-year old repeated child sex offender was disemboweled this month in his cell at Frankland Prison – the same prison where child-killer Ian Huntley had his throat slashed last year. Harrison’s gruesome death came at the hands of two fellow inmates who used razor blades melted into toothbrush handles. His killers said that he bragged too much about raping girls.

On the other side of the coin, journalist Alyana Cronk and her brother Israel are two people on a mission to stop child sexual abuse. They rode a motorcycle 2,200 miles on a month-long fund-raising trip. All donations were given to the organization Darkness to Light. A film crew went along on the journey and created another way to spread their message to help stop pedophiles. The film premiered and the siblings were honored last week the annual D2L Gala.

Now, that’s something to brag about!

Fling Some Paint – 45/52 Ways To Stop Pedophiles

November 11, 2013

45:52 imageYes, paint can save a child from sex-trafficking.

Maybe “fling” is too strong of a word, because if you watch the Daily Camera video you will see that some of the painters are using very fine-tipped brushes and taking great care with each stroke.

The painters are part of a 48-hour marathon to paint three large canvases. Each finished painting will be given to the highest contributor on the way to a goal of $25,000. (They’re over halfway to the goal and still need a bit of help. It’s never bad to surpass a goal, so your contribution is welcome anytime.)

The pledges will fund a trip to Cambodia for 10 students in the Naropa University art therapy program. This service learning trip was organized by Professor Sue Wallingford. She plans for the students to work with the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center which supports women and children rescued from the sex trade.

CWCC projects include a focus on prevention with education programs for girls, including sex-ed and how to be safe when they are away from home. Women can receive work-training and startup business loans. The organization, funded by donations, offers a variety of programs, including anger management interventions for men – to stop domestic violence.

Asia is a hotspot for sex-tourists. The Internet has spawned a lucrative new industry of international kiddie porn. Girls and boys are both at risk.  Efforts to protect children from such exploitation are complicated by the Cambodian culture which has one of the lowest levels of gender equality in Asia according to the 2012 Gender Equity Index. Significant changes are needed to empower women and raise standards in that country.

The Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center believes that people make better choices when they have better options. Ten dedicated student workers from the U.S. endorse that mission, and they want to help. They’ll leave soon for Cambodia with a spirit of colorful creativity, and an intention to serve in any way they can.

They can do a lot. We can do a little bit to help them on their way.

Support a Sweet Tooth – 44/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles

November 6, 2013

Meet Sweetie, the popular online 10-year-old girl who will make your dreams come true. She’s also great at introducing men to their biggest nightmare.

44:52 imageWith the innocent charm of a child, she gently resists the not-so-shy prodding of thousands of men who offer to pay Sweetie for webcam sex. You can see this sprite in action. You’ll need to offer your credit card in payment for more than a quick introduction – that’s how the cybersex game is played.

Sweetie might demur then perform with a convincing desire to please. During her act, identity data is offered by the creeps who jack off on the other side of a screen…many on the other side of the world.

1,000 pedophiles were identified during Sweetie’s first two and a half months of work. (254 are living in the U.S.)

Sweetie always delivers and never seems to get tired. She is a life-like animation developed as part of a 24/7 sting operation by the Dutch chapter of Terre des Hommes International Federation, a charity that supports and protects children.

Terre des Hommes is asking for your signature on a petition to spur law enforcement in various countries to take the information collected about 999 men and 1 woman, and to develop their own cases to arrest and prosecute the international criminals.

You might also want to make a donation to the organization that brought Sweetie to life.   That would be a generous way to help continue their work. We assume the organization keeps all the funds which are paid by Sweetie’s customers – now that she is in the news, that source of income may dry up.

The juices that lubricate the child cybersex tourist industry are flowing faster than ever. 20,000 Sweetie patrons will tell you it’s easy to take the movies playing in a sick mind and them into real child abuse with a small anonymous click on the “pay now” button.

The price of such pleasure just got higher for some addicts. Good work, Sweetie.

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